Ultrasonic cleaner - how to use

Ive just bought myself an Ultrasonic cleaner and looking for info on settings etc.
Could someone link me the best way of doing it as ive looked on here and there is so much info on cleaners its baffling

Ok ive looked around and it looks like 4 x 30 minute cycles

Trouble is is the temperature setting. Ive set it to 50 degrees but the actual reading has gone up to 55 !! It keeps going over

If you bought an expensive high-end USC, I would send it back.
If you bought an inexpensive USC, and it only reads 5 degrees off of the setting,
I would consider myself blessed with a good one.

On the far left 50 degrees setting. Next to it flashing reads 56 degrees. …and its rising. I dont get it

No problem, that is normal. I thought you meant the ‘set’ temperature was fluctuating.

The ultrasonic activity within the tank will increase the temperature by about 10-15°C over an hour period even if the heaters are not in operation. The cavitation creates energy which in turn creates heat.

The machine will turn the heaters off once the temperature is reached but obviously there is no way to cool down the water in the tank and there is no upper temperature cut out. Once the temperature is reached, the following 1 hour operation would see an increase in temperature.


Sorry to not have seen this earlier but as usual @ozo has you covered with the truth . This is the reason I now set mine to 40 degrees.I have also found mine tends to be slow in reading the actual temp.Once mine comes up to 40 degrees I turn the heater function off.
Everyone has a little different approach and here is mine.I no longer run mine for more than a 15 minute cycle but I will do 4 cycles at times with 15 minutes rest between them.
They can be nice but like everything they have a learning curve and everyone has to decide what works best for them.I hope this helps.