Ultrasonic Cleaner Steeping

I’ve just had my ultrasonic delivered and am going to test it out tonight. The only question I have is how long should I leave it in there for roughly? I know flavours will vary but I’m just looking for an average time for let’s say a cream based juice. Any advice would be amazing


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Tons of info here:



I use a monster KitchenAid hand held mixer/frother to mix my juice and it makes e-foam. I started using my ultrasonic cleaner @ 50degC and 30 minutes to de-foam my juices. Since then I have been just vibrating them for 30 minutes at room temperature. I don’t perceive much if any difference. A half hour is the longest setting on my unit and the juice comes out as a liquid. To me it’s as much about consistency of process as anything else. This way I have less variables to consider as I try to tweak a mix. Having said all that, I’m more of a Burger King flipper than a World Class Chef when it comes to e-liquid.

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