Ultrasonic steeping (Newb)

Didn’t know if this is right place to post

So I have brought an jps 7000s ultrasonic cleaner I have put two glass bottles which are 20ml now mind you the lid won’t close as bottles are too high in size…in total I’ve put it in for around 2 hours but nothing is happening to the colour of the liquid it is still clear

Anyone know if this is normal or maybe something I’m doing wrong ?

It depends what you are steeping.

Fruits will most likely not change colour at all.
Custards, Creams, Cakes, etc will.

What are you steeping and have you added nic?

Ahhh I see ! I thought all liquid would change colour regardless of fruit.

The ones I’m doing are lemonade mixed with different strawberrys

But u assume still doing it would make the mix better to smoke right ?

What is this smoke thing of which you speak :grinning: we dont smoke here we vape lol

Strawberrys can be harh out of the gate ultrasonic them for a couple of hours then let them breath overnight - they will still be a little rough but you will be able to vape them - they will improve in 3-5 days and you will get more color change over time.


Please read more about the process you are trying to use before you ruin your e liquids.

Use the search function here on the forum, there is a bunch of great info about speed steeping

Have fun!

Sometimes fruits will change colors depending on the NIC

Where do you get one of those things

One of what things ultrasonic cleaner ? Amazon cost me around £30 I’ve noticed good things from it though :slight_smile:

I got one from amazon (mod for size comparison) works a treat

Does it actually work though

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