Unable to order nic base and products

I’ve been vaping for years.
I make my own, I ordered my supply in bulk for the most part.
But now I cant find a single company who can ship to my address in WV.
What’s up with that?


Welcome to ELR @raspberrynutt :raised_hand:
This link will provide you with some insight.
Dated February 2021


Have you not paid any attention to the vaping industry news in the last year or so? Most of us planned for this well in advance.


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That wasn’t very nice.


Sorry you feel that way but I call it like I see it. If the OP was new to DIY the comment would have been different. But as stated, he/she has been vaping for years and makes their own.
That being said…the reply is appropriate IMO.


Don’t ‘feel’ sorry for me, I don’t care one iota.
On the other hand…how rude to be to a first OP !!!
FYI…it takes a bit of skill to be articulate.
And that’s MY opinion.


Boy, I don’t know. I personally have gotten very leery of first time posters coming in and asking questions like these. There are anti vaping groups out there now in full force searching/trolling forums. Nothing would please them more than to locate places that are still sending out nic so they can try and have them shut down. I am not saying that IS the case here as there is no way to know. But I too find it a little hard to believe if you have been making and ordering your own DIY supplies, how can you NOT be aware of what has been happening/coming.

If I had been the OP and truly was not aware of the situation, I would have said a little more as to why. IE: last time I bought vaping supplies was 5 years ago and I hardly ever go online etc etc

Could TZ have worded his reply a bit gentler? Oh, I suppose, but meh, time to put on your big boy/girl panties these days.