Unanswered peanut butter question

in October someone asked why the peanut butter flavor would lose it flavor after a few days.
Now I must ask the same question because I don’t believe that part of his question was answered. How do we keep it the peanut butter flavor longer than a few days.
I have Natures Flavors and LA

I think the brand has a lot to do with it. I’ve never tried the NF or LA peanut butter, but the TPA + Flavorah I use seems to last long enough for me. Some extra Acetyl Pyrazine, cookie, or another nut like hazelnut might help also.

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Avoid putting other flavors that have EM in them in the mix. I don’t have a problem w/ TPA/CAPS/FLV PB but there are a lot more flavors that have EM in them than you realize. Also, JoJo is right on, add another nut or cookie to bring up the breadiness in the mix. I have never tried LA or NF’s PB but that could be it also. Most of my NF are on the weaker side to begin w/. Try TPA’s it’s probably the most popular.


I have never experienced PB losing flavor. So I can’t help ya. I think the others here answered it well enough. What recipe are you losing flavor in?