Unconventional Ingredients

I’ve been all over the forum. I’ve seen so many tidbits of great advice!

Now, what I’ve been really surprised about, is the number of different things I’ve seen that people use for different reasons.

Things that aren’t particularly vape specific ingredients.

I’ve seen where someone suggested using distilled white vinegar to add a “juicy” texture to a dry mix.

I also saw someone mention using sterile saline solution for a hint of saltiness.

What are some other unconventional, “nontraditional” vape additives that YOU use AND why? What is the effect of these ingredients to your mix?


What is unconventional … sucralose is a pretty common additive but if you get it in the form of a powder and make your own concentrate, is that conventional too? There are lots of threads about all sorts of sweeteners, you can pick up a few new ones there too.
Is vodka unconventional? Lots of people use this with DW and saline to thin out their MaxVG mixes. It is an alcohol, so a flavor carrier.
Vape Wizard, Sour, AP, … they’re all concentrates sold from regular manufacturers but are they really conventional ingredients?

I dunno, I’ll leave it out there. There are a couple older threads about additives that are packed with suggestions.


Well that would appear to pretty much include all vape ingredients. Flavorings are, with the exception of a small group of manufactures, marketed and sold as food/drink flavorings, VG and PG are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics to a far greater degree than the vape industry. Nicotine has been used as an insecticide.

Those items You listed I wouldn’t consider to be unconventional because they have been used for quit sometime.


Cheesecake tfa, raisin tfa, honey tfa, milk fw…


Okay, @David5362, I get what you’re saying.

I’ll clarify… By unconventional I mean things found outside of the vape supply shops. Stuff you’d pick up at a grocery store or that folk who don’t DIY would use for everyday things… As I said in my examples: white vinegar, saline, etc.

I’m just trying to get some notes from you veteran DIY-ers so that I can fill the gaps in my mixing, before I begin.

I really hate hitting roadblocks at the beginning of DIY journeys and this is why I’m asking.


Vodka is an interesting one, @anon28032772! Thank you. What’s that used for?


Vodka is used to make a mix harsher with the throat hit. Usually for tobacco mixes (some tobacco vapers love the throat hit), but could also use for any mixes.


Good to know.

Note to self: avoid adding vodka…lol


Not exactly what I meant, @delltrapp, lol. Those are a few unusual flavors for some but I clarified… Haha :smile:


If you like menthol and prefer not paying through the nose it’s a lot cheaper to make your own.
Dilute menthol crystals in PG which is exactly what you would be buying if you buy the concentrate.
They can be bought from Amazon or pharmacies.

The only flavour I’ve known to actually impart any saltiness is FLV Beer Nuts.

Adding vinegar :scream: :face_vomiting: - Not sure about that myself and if it’s to add a “juicy” element specifically to fruits I’m pretty sure tiny amounts of distilled water is the norm.

TBH you’re entitled to add whatever you want to your recipies but bare in mind there are a lot of things out there that you would think are okay to add but the chemical compounds are altered during vapourisation.
Sugar for example is a known carcinogen when inhaled.

If its not available at a good DIY vape supply shop it’s probably not worth having.


@Display-Name LOL I actually tried it in my current commercial fluid.

I don’t know if it was a bad batch of fluid or what but it is severely lacking in flavor. It’s Vapetasia’s Blackberry Lemonade.

I added two drops to my tank and WOW! Suddenly I can TASTE something!! :joy:

I was hesitant to try it, at first but I figured my coil was about to need changing and it wasn’t much of a waste to try it in my tank.

I added about one drop per ml left in my bottle and it’s made a HUGE difference!

Not trying to change your opinion, I just thought I’d share my personal experience with DWV… :grin:


Back when I first started mixing Amy2 suggested I try lemon juice in a mix…I forget what it was for but that was a little unconventional


Thank you for the suggestion, @fidalgo_vapes. I’ll have to look into that. I’m a fan of citrus, anyway…:smile:


I was using Lemon juice (Meyer Lemon) for a while, but I just kind of stopped. Make sure to filter the fresh squeezed juice through a coffee filter to remove any bits of pulp.

It was pretty early on my DIY timeline, so I don’t think I could really say if it improved my mixes or not. In theory, it will help boost the top notes in a fruity mix and maybe add a bit of juiciness. Just a drop or 2 would be advised.

Apple Cider Vinegar is used in much the same vein


I thought I posted this article here but it appears i didnt so here it is. It has some relevance to your OP


Thank you, @woftam. That’s super helpful!


I use Coffein diluted by PG and citric acid to substitute Coffein, but be careful with the citric acid it is only used to give PG or VG back it’s viscosity