Under the Tree

Hey, what did Santa leave you this year? I wanna know and would love to see some pix! I got a few goodies. That DIY coil kit I wanted, along with a rack for my flavors, some Cotton Bacon, and a new Efusion DNA 200. Once I get the rack assembled I’ll take a snapshot of everything so I can post it… However, I do have this photo to share. While we were opening our gifts I left my dog in his crate so he wouldn’t be nosing around. Then after, my wife put the bags of wrapping paper and boxes outside along with the dog. He decided to have his own Christmas. HO HO!


HAHAHA. Danged dog. Merry Christmas!
Every year my wife and I only buy for both of us…or the “house”. This year it was a very nice programmable pressure cooker. It will cook a roast to perfection in 40 mins. I know this. It is whats for dinner. A beautiful chuck roast seared on the grill and cooked in the pressure cooker for 40 mins. Along with brown gravy, mashed taters, beer bread rolls, steamed broccoli and carrots. :smiley:


On my way!


I’ll bring a pie!


This won’t fit under the three.

My present this year will be getting to spend time with my son. I will post some more pics if I get him today.



I’m with you !!!


Some gifts are more thoughtful and for me the best gifts are the ones that steal your heart. It has been a tradition forever with me and my daughter to sit and watch A Christmas Story every year at Christmas time. Most people remember the You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out but my Daughter remembered I would always comment about the LEG LAMP more.

So she managed to find this and it sure did make my day.

My very own miniature LEG LAMP that’s a plug in night light but dad will have to do something creative and turn it into a miniature table lamp to sit next to my laptop.


That’s a major award! Nice. :slight_smile:


The same Daughter gave me my first e-cig last year so today thanks to her I have reached 1 year vaping and 10 months tobacco free.


FYI LostVape released a profile for the Effusion that sets up the battery discharge curve etc for you.

I plan to post a pic or two of my Efusion today. It looks really classy with the Bellus on it. I think it will look good with the black Freakshow mini that I should also be getting today. It will certainly be small.

I really need to get me a coil kit. Drill bits and fingers make horrible coil jigs.

I highly recommend the coil master V3 with the longer jigs.


hove do you vape on that :slight_smile: ?

What? You’ve never seen the Train Tooter?


noo… both looks like it can hold like 100ml… better than the kangertech nebox… already in love :wink:

I’ll bring some Revolver beer. Sounds like you have everything else covered. :slightly_smiling:


Naivete is such a wonderful thing. :wink:
No 18650’s required.
It’s 4:20 somewhere.
I bet it hits like a train!


Damn Brad… Now you got me going to the fridge for cold cuts :fearful: lol.

I love pressure cookers. When I don’t have the time to do a full 24 hours pulled pork on the smoker I just smoke for 3 hours and finish it in the pc.


And another 500 ml of bong water. :wink:

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