Unicorn bottles

Okay so I searched around and found prices at a few different places, my question is which ones have the wider openings so I can mix directly into it. I ordered some, but the hole can barely fit the pipette even and the vg just burbles over lol I had some that were sent to me that worked nicely, I’d like to find those and in clear instead of black if possible… Hmm.

Chubby Gorilla unicorns do. I can pour straight out of a 4 oz Boston Round into them and never spill a drop. Nicotine River sells them in a lot of different quantity packages.


I’ve been using these for quite some time with no issues and usually pour vg out of my litre bottles directly into them. cheaper than nicotinerivers by .25 per bottle but the chubby gorillas still have a slightly larger opening on them.


Says sold out… I’ll have to wait or look around more

the unicorns i like best come from ECX

Ah, 30 ml is sold out. 15 ml clear and black ones are still in stock. Grant’s usually pretty quick to restock them.

Depends on the quantity you buy. I buy 100 at a time so Nicotine River is actually cheaper.

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I haven’t used them yet, but these ones from Lightning Vapes are going to be my next order http://www.lightningvapes.com/products/wide-mouth-unicorn-bottles?variant=2595388740


I’ve been using these. Not a super quality unicorn bottle but fairly cheap with free shipping and they have a wide mouth.


I like the way those look, I might order 10 next week to try out. I need some wire anyway so that would work out well.
I do need some more banana cream (la) tho I was hoping to find a place that had all 3 things… Oh well. Lol

Back In Stock!

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Those look nice…let us know how they work!

I have used the wide mouth and did not like them at all. Squeeze just a little to hard and the tips come right out.

Those are by far the best unicorn bottles I have found as well

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Yup…you’re the one who turned me on to them

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I get them at fasttech, big mouth and cheap.