Unstar The Stars

Allo ! when I was entering all me flavours in the stash, I was 5 starring 'em so I could see when I had entered all the price and gravity info and bottle size. once I got 'em all in nice and finished, I found I couldn’t remove the stars. can this be done ???

For recipes there is a minus button to clear a rating out, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like this for flavor ratings. Short of deleting and re-entering, it looks like all you can do is change your rating. @daath are we missing something?


Can go to your flavor stash and select the flavor you want to change. Select one,two or more stars and it should show the new “other than 5 star” rating. Then save.
Refresh your stash page and your new rating should come up.


If you like your liquid rate it 5 star, this indicates that you are happy with it yourself which speaks volumes to people looking

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There is now a minus-icon to remove the rating! I must have overlooked that. Thank you! :slight_smile:


That’s a great question.

Thank you Lars, you are a Scholar and a Gentleman