Up to a great start lol

In my experience, the CAP Sweet Strawberry and TFA Strawberry Ripe do not need any steep time. However, the INW Strawberry Wild is so incredibly strong and brings more of the green notes for the strawberry profile. I was fine vaping straight after mixing. But like i said, I only use a couple drops of the INW Strawberry Wild to hold the strength of the strawberry in the mixture as a whole. Otherwise creams and sweeteners that I use will end up muting the strawberry intensity over time. I would not want to use too much of INW’s strawberry wild or it may start tasting more like if you took a bite of the green top of a strawberry!! Maybe this is what others may have been talking about? It may taste more like an unripened strawberry if you use too much INW? I have only used INW as a couple drops in my mixtures, never alone, so I couldn’t really answer your question very well. Try a bit of TFA Lychee too! it really enhances the strawberry flavor! I think Captain Rogers makes a Strawberry Lychee flavor that I loved when I was newer to vaping!

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