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Update Chrome if Haven't Already


Chrome users, make sure you’ve got the very latest version.

The version you want is 72.0.3626.121 , [released]
(https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/2019/03/stable-channel-update-for-desktop.html)at the start of March 2019.

To check that you’re up-to-date, go to the About Google Chrome… window, accessible from the address bar by typing in the special URL chrome://settings/help .

Read link for more info.


elr site keeps asking me if i want to show notifications since it was down today, wonder if that can be a result? will do now, thks!


Nah, just an update to the forum software :slight_smile: Also the forum is using https now :slight_smile:


Does that mean Flash will retain permissions when the session ends, or am I off in left field?


Sorry, nothing to do with forum, just wanted everyone to have a heads up so they could update if using Chrome.



Also a heads up that the link in the first post is for DESKTOP users!

I just updated my play store apps 2 days ago, and was not shown (in the “my apps” list) that there was an update for the Android Chrome browser!

When I manually used a link (backtracking from the link above, via Stable Updates, at the bottom) it took me to the main Chrome page in the Google Play store, which did properly reflect that an update (from the .105 release I was on) to .121 IS available!!

For Android users convenience:

Info here:

@Silhouette Thank you for the heads up!! :hugs:


Dunno. I don’t think Flash is even used on the forum?! “ELR proper” still only uses https on select pages…


Thanks for the info. Updated chrome everywhere I use it :slight_smile:


Thanks @silhouette.


Sweet on the https thanks @daath


Thanks for the heads up @Silhouette I just finished my update.


elr site continues asking me if i need to show notifications since it was down today, surprise if that can be a end result? will do now, thks!


typical illuminati wants me to update chrome
im going back to firefox

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