Update on FDA regulations

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.


Thanks for posting, this is very interesting.

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Very interesting indeed. Makes me second guess not starting a juice line.

Well one important thing to note is what they said about the study not having anything to do with the FDA’s Deeming Regulations. That’s the real sinister part of their activity anyway. Bastards.

From the article:

The data also seemed to dispute claims that e-cigs act as a gateway to other tobacco products, as the majority of e-cig users in the study were already consumers of other tobacco products.

Gateway my ass. Who needs a study to figure this out? And who would think that the use of e-cigs where a person is getting all these tasty treats will somehow lead them to go through the process of “acquiring” a taste for nasty cigarettes. It’s absurd.

Ok, am I cynical? Perhaps a bit. The tests are a good thing and I firmly believe if enough unbiased research is done the truth will emerge. But as long as there are people and bureaucracies with an agenda involved, it’s an uphill struggle.


Exactly. They know it is not a gateway, there really is no such thing. Just a fancy term used to scare people.

Maybe they are in one specific scenario. Try this - A bunch of kids use e-cigs and get hooked on nicotine, then the FDA swoops in and regulates e-cigs out of existence. With no more access to e-cigs all nicotine addicts turn to smoking. Maybe the only scenario that makes any sense, and then it’s only IF the FDA bans e-cigs.

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Even (if) the FDA regulates out e cigs I would rather die then go back to smoking cigs

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I am against any/all regulations from the idiot greedy politicos and their butt-buddy friends.
This industry has done well to regulate itself without their help, and a website didn’t cost
$5,000,000,000 to half-ass create…and still FAIL !
This is NOT an attack on the vaping industry as much as it falls in line with the agenda
that our elected officials have with the corporations that give them huge donations.
America is not the land of the free unless you are part of the elitist’s agenda in some form.
I knew it…politics would somehow be a part of this great forum eventually…
you can’t escape it anymore…anywhere.
I am glad that I am old, but I still pray, and worry,…for you younger folks.
Take an oath, at least to yourself…to die on your feet before you live on your knees.


Can’t have any fun without freedom
What OZO said

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