Update: The Cerabis 45

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With such exceptional reviewers like @SirRisc and @Pugs1970 around here, there almost seems to be no need for further reviewers! Nonetheless, I’d like to share a little follow-up to my earlier review of the Cerabis 44 with you.

Remember how I would have preferred the steel hull Cerabis 45? Yep, they actually gave me another one, this time a 45 :laughing: Many thanks go to CeraVape! However generous - and nice folks in general! - they are, this won’t be a fanboy rave, I promise :wink:

In many aspects the Cerabis 45 is basically the same atomizer like its slightly smaller bro, the 44. The presentation is the same, you get a modern looking, sturdy box with everything you’ll need inside it, including spare o-rings and a glass tank. The two coil heads you get, one 1.0 ohms and one 0.5 ohms, as well as the tank in general are in the same pristine, squeaky-clean condition the 44 was in when it arrived here (the one in the picture below has been on duty for a while now). So you can start right away.

Personally I think the 45’s brushed stainless or black steel hull with its glass window is a big step up in terms of aesthetics. Here is a picture to prove the point:

Dashing, I might say! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The tank looks stunning on all of my mods. Pulled out in “vaping” mode (see second pic. above) the airflow slots are exposed - this still looks kinda odd to me, but over time you get to appreciate its individual style. Notice how the mouthpiece blends in perfectly with the steel hull component. It goes without saying that you can use any 510 drip tip you fancy, just like with the Cerabis 44, but the the one it comes with does a great job. Ceravape’s logo is also placed tastefully without being too obnoxious.
It’s interesting that although the 45 is bigger than the 44, I really can’t tell. You’ll only notice in a side by side comparison. That is to say, the tank still looks small - not petite and cute like the 44, but more like a bull dog’s “small”, but buff. Due to its increased size, the tank holds half a mil more than the 44, 2.5ml that is. I was rather surprised to find this actually made a difference!

The tanks performance is, of course, determined by Ceravape outstanding coil heads. Like the 44, you get the same crystal clear resolution of your juice’s flavour profile and the same mouth-watering intensity. The good thing is, you don’t even have to swap them out for new ones every other day as with many pre-builts, as you can just dry-burn and rinse them (see earlier review). That way, they will last you about a month or up to three months.

There’s one unique feature in the 45 that the 44 is lacking, though: the side fill port! The massive 9.3x4.75mm fill port hides behind a cover that is hooked in place and can be pushed down to reveal the port, simultaneously covering the window:

After dumping your favourite juice in there, just slide the cover back in place, push it over to close the hook and off you go. This filling mechanism worked like a charm for me - it’s been a while since I filled my tank this quickly! The juice flows swiftly into the tank and the opening is rather big. What’s more, you don’t have to screw anything on and off or put it aside, accidently swipe it off the table and spend the next five minute looking for it on the carpet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There is a significant downside to the side fill port, however. Although there are o-rings in place to keep juice from leaking out (and indeed, it does not leak!), juice still gets pushed around on the outside of the tank. So after a few fills, the outer hull gets rather slippery. Together with occasional leaking from the cracks around the air flow slots (that can be prevented through proper cleaning…), this tank can be a bit messy.

After all is said and done, the Cerabis 45 offers great value for the money, especially once you take the coil heads’ longevity into consideration. This is pretty much the only pre-built tank I personally would care to use from time to time, thanks to its outstanding flavour production (and as a side effect, big cloudz, brah). So in closing, the Cerabis 45 is bigger, looks better and might be the perfect fit for any lazy flavour addict that’s vaping above 40W!

Cheers! And thanks for reading!


Already like your review better, pics load quickly cause your file size is more agreeable.
Keep up the good work!


I kinda hoarde my ceramic coils because they work so great but don’t last …an occasional treat, or if I’m in a hurry (no time to rewick!) This might be my next purchase. I’ve seen the YouTube vids and you’re making this look like a great choice for folks that like ceramic coil vapage. Folks might be wondering why we’re not all using ceramics and you touched on that …they need high wattage. Even the lowest ceramic coils need 30Ws, but 50Ws for the Cerabis might be at the upper limit for many single battery mods. No problem for me! Sounds like a solution to my rapidly disappearing pre-made cermaics …Thanks!

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Thanks mate! @5prock3t I’ll write about new stuff as long as I get them and no one has covered them yet!

@BoDarc I feel you, I rarely use mine, too. Too cheap to buy new ones, I guess! :sweat_smile: They’re working a treat for a friend of mine who’s too busy building stuff.
On a side note, I’m still waiting for a rebuildable ceramic tank… :expressionless: I know it would be possible, but probably not feasible… maybe we can get them to produce ready-made ceramic tubes for the Origen 2 or NextGen? :blush: I’d love that, those positive centre post genesis attys can be PITA…

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Excellent review sir!, very informative and thorough :wink: Nice looking tank too, not normally a massive fan of a side fill as they tend to be a bit small for larger unicorn bottles but that one looks massive.
and I absolutely love the pig :wink: lol

Nice work sir :grin:


Please don’t worry about your “review competition”. There isn’t any such competition in reality. The more good info we have from more unbiased sources is part of what allows the community to make an informed choice!! Besides, styles are different, and thanks to that, different aspects get spotlighting (brought to light).

At any rate @Naseschwarz, even though this is not something I’ll ever buy (simply not my style), I read through, and found your review informative, interesting, and pleasant to read. As well as well photographed! So job well done!


Thanks for the encouragement @Pugs1970 @Sprkslfly

If it was helpful for someone, I’m happy!

PS: Piggy certainly approves! @Pugs1970 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a ‘Puggy’ awaiting it’s first photo shoot…I have the top hat on order :wink: lmao

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