Updated to include new mega and ultra editions...WOTOFO disposables - Mini+ /Wafer/Airy

I have decided to update the review to include the new releases which are the mega and the ultra.

I have actually been surprised how quickly this disposable trend has gained traction. Aside from the plastics waste issue, I now see smokers trying these out as they are accessible and easy to use. So we could see a few more turning their backs on traditional tobacco. Not a bad thing.

The first thing that differentiates wotofo from the crowd is build quality. These are well made sturdy ‘pens’. They take a hammering. I sat on the them stepped on them dropped them. Nothing seems to stop them working.

I tend to keep one in my pocket or bag for when I need one…caught short on juice…batteries flat…travel etc

The flavour profiles have been better than I expected, except for the guava kiwi which I can’t stomach…you have to like cooling or ws23, and there are no bakery or desert flavours.

The performance of all the range is great…I like the fact that some are rechargeable but a shame they are not refillable. I am not sure I can feel the difference of the mesh coil in disposibles. I certainly like the mesh technology in the rebuildables where you can really ramp up power.

The build quality of ultra is a small step down from the rest of the range but I think you can cope with this given the capacity and longevity. It would just bee too expensive to build the same as the mega for example.

Mega deets below

Ultra deets below

Well this is my first time in 5 years trying a disposable. Wotofo sent me a pack of these to review and i was intrigued. Off the bat, i was sceptical about the quality and flavour profile of the juices inside. To me a disposable is more about convenience and mass market appeal, so to a mixer/builder who has thousands of untouched concentrates and tanks, it felt a bit wrong,hence my desire to change my own mind.

If we put the major negatives aside (land fill, oceans covered in waste plastics), how do these perform. They are available in 3 sizes as below, all really decent build quality and great design and graphics. Reminds me of the clothing brand ‘SUPREME’ strangely. There are a few other new disposables in the range which i didnt get to sample (poster, mega and ultra)

MINI+ 2.8ml 20mg Nic salt,800 puffs 500MAH battery, wire coil

WAFER 2.2ml 20mg Nic salt,600 puffs 400MAH battery, wire coil

AIRY 12ml 3mg , 1000 puffs, 850 MAH battery with charging port, mesh coil

All devices are puff to activate…eg no buttons. Just an inobtrusive LED to tell you its working as you inhale.

The flavours are all fruit and all have some cooling. There are no deserts or tobaccos. Flavour is pretty full on, simple yet satisfyingly clean. I was honestly impressed that a hardware company has nailed some simple profiles well. A little PG heavy for me, but needs must with small capacity, Salts and mainstream usability.

Flavours below:

I wont go into the complexities of the flavours, they are all vapable, some i liked more than others, but the point here is convenience and accessibility. Would these replace an RTA or RDA set up for me…not at all. Would i spend 5-15 USD on one if i ran out of battery or wanted a device for a weekend or night out…for sure i would.

The wafer is most restrictive and works best as MTL. The Mini plus is the middle ground between MTL and STL. The Airey is a full on cloud chucker with the major bonus of being able to recharge should you run out of battery but still have juice left. On that note i really think it would have been better for the environment if they added a refill port, so you could get a few days out of the Mesh coil and wick, as it will defo outlast the 12ml of juice.

Key points

Great packaging
Great design and build quality
No leaking, dry hits or spitting
Decent flavour options
Cool vape across all models…so if you like a hot vape walk away


I think I have a couple of these coming in a care package from a friend! Can’t wait to try them. Being a Wotofo fan girl (lady :woman_shrugging:) I’m sure I will. I’ll be back to let you know my thoughts! Thanks for sharing!


Hey mate; I moved this to Hardware Reviews. I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks for the review!!

I hope Wotofo is paying attention. Anyway, I would try a disposable for the reasons you set out except for the fact that they are almost all of them “ice” or “mint” or something similar. The only “normal” one is the DL which won’t work for me because I am MTL.

Anyway, thanks again.
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