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Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)


What do you mean?


To put it another way is… people donate because it works for them.


I appreciate your input!

One thing that I hope everyone bares in mind with the current approach, is that this is doing a few things at once.

  1. It’s an attempt to combine all the stray entries into the proper “lump sum”.
  • a. With the hopes that new people have an improved time finding better search results.
  • b. with the hopes of condensing numbers. (flavor percentages, medians, etc)
  • c. More notes will be where they should be (when we could be missing some great notes from someone due to being in some oddball listing)
  1. It’s an attempt to see (once more progress has been made) if the majority of folks find things functionally better than they were, worse than they were, or if they might have had an “alternate epiphany” in the process…and might offer a thoughtful and insightful proposal, that could help Lars towards his overall future design.

Most importantly (IMO), I hope folks will remember that currently, this (the database) is just like the forum. It’s a living, “breathing” entity, that functions in its own right. Should It turn out that the majority don’t care for the current naming convention, it can ‘easily’ be changed back to manufacturer naming conventions!
(I use the term ‘easily’ comparatively speaking. Because once a majority of the merges have been dealt with, all it ‘should mean’ is converting the main groups over (FA, Cap, Ina, WF, RF, etc).

I’m definitely NOT trying to be heavy handed here, and I apologize if it comes off that way.

I trust that better things are coming, but wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that this is not necessarily permanent, it’s always able to be amended (with what should hopefully be far less work than is going into the current process).





Please feel free… add this to the heap of helpful ideas… Layout images below.

A renaming method with a lock variable

OEM names are locked (default)

Newly created names are not locked and can be changed by the creator. If…

*If- They are the ONLY one using that flavor.
*Else - When someone ADDS that flavor it gets locked.

So creators who keep creating dup names because they make errors can fix them right away. Meaning less bad names in the database over time… or not :clown_face:

Edit: It will also give them another chance to find the correct flavor, if that’s why they decided to make “this” new flavor in the first place, and abandon the new name altogether. Maybe a delete forever button also. :wink:


That sounds like a winner Rob


Or a comment (in a different color) in addition to the “rename” feature, that says “non-standard name”, so the USER knows it’s not “compliant” - or something to this effect.

Neat idea @Freddie3.


Thanks @Dave

It seems like a lot work - not expecting anything.

But I envision it as a dual mode feature.

(+ADD) Can do 2 things either/or

Rename - Legit Bases or one shots that are mis-spelled can be fixed (Renamed) rather then making a whole new flavor spelled correctly.

Change - It gives new users a second chance to find the approved name and swap it out for the one they just created.

So upon trying to rename something you just made… If you come across what you were looking for in the first place in the (drop down menu of flavors) It just swaps (Changes) your new name for the one you are now selecting in the database and deletes the one you are abandoning. By selecting it and hitting +ADD


These are all viable ideas for a possible future DBV2. But as it is, we’re living in a DBV1 world. No worries having a thread where interested parties banter ideas for a new DB, but this thread is about how Spark-a-roni and cheese is trying to retrofit DBV1. Just making sure everyone knows which DB they are proposing ideas for here…


Here comes Laura. Running wild.
I have read amazing ideas, amazing debates and valid points for each debate.
What I have not seen, is how to get more exposure to the database.
It’s been said previously that lots of people don’t even see or know how to access the forum.
What about a huge banner on the other side that creates access to the forum. Not like the drop down menu that can be missed or ignored.
A huge, in your face, “come and join the discussion. Explore the forum to learn about this or that”
Exposure is key. These ideas will not work if we do not expose people to the forum.
@Sprkslfly @daath @Silhouette @woftam @alisa @Ken_O_Where
@any one else who cares hahaha


Ah, you read my posts? Gosh, thanks! :wink::crazy_face:


You dork. Of course. It takes me forever but I love reading these threads


That is awesome! I haven’t been called a dork since high school!. Called many, many things since then, but dork has been a while! Well played.


Im not sure how i missed this entire thread , I have read and couldnt agree more wit the things @Suomynona is saying . I like how it was , example Sweet Strawberry ( cap ) not strawberry , sweet … with that being said i appreciate everyones work they do behind the scenes to make ELR a better experiance…


While you haven’t run across it yet… This too has been suggested previously! Just in another thread that’s long since been dormant. :wink:

It’s not that they’ve been ignored, or were bad ideas (quite the opposite in fact). Just that they haven’t come to fruition yet…


Yup… would like to see that too. As Sprkslfly said though, it’s probably on the list. :slight_smile:


@Laura5, I frigging love that idea. If you had seen some of my first posts on the forum, you would realize I was using the recipe side long before I actually found the forum side. Alot of my interaction with mixers was through comments. We definitely need exposure to the forum side to those who would otherwise overlook it (like I did). I’m sure people probably pay attention better than me, but there’s always a cluster that just won’t notice it.


Is the link on the flavors page new? Underneath the percentage recommendations it says “search forum for flavor”. Its probably always been there but i just noticed. Anyway, i think this is a good idea and maybe more little links like this prompting people to come over to the forum side.
Anyways, your work is appreciated , thanks


Totally missed @Laura5 comment. Yes, something along those lines would be great!


Yep it is, well it was added around a month ago, I believe. But still I would count that as new :slight_smile: