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Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)


I think the crew knows how to get them over here but are just to nice to do it… Put the recipe side Under Construction for a week and watch them come screaming.

Edit: Yes Im sick :ghost:


I’m one of those people that never even knew that there was a forum for here until recently.


Welcome to the fold @jerry13!

Glad you found your way in!


I’m glad i finally found the forum also. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I have found some good information.


I just noticed that this nor Brand Abbreviation List (in progress) is pinned to beginners yet. Is that since its a WIP or just overlooked?


@Sprkslfly - FYI…directed him here.


Thank you sir. :slight_smile:


Anybody else having issues finding the right Cheesecake - LorAnn Flavors in the database?

Doesn’t turn up in stash recommendations by typing “Cheesecake”, “Cheesecake L”, “Cheesecake Lo” and nothing even shows up typing “Cheesecake Lor”

But if you type Cheesecake LA, bang, there it is. And it shows Cheesecake - LorAnn Flavors as a result with >5000 recipes.

I’ve had quite a few of these difficult to find flavors through my stash interface. I know what I’m looking for so I’ll find ways to get the right one, but I’m sure other/newer people will quickly give up and create their own new versions much sooner.





That’s great and all… But:

As am I. In fact, I believe that the reason we have so many screwed up dupe names (especially when it comes to LorAnn) is because newbies ARE NOT familiar with the LA abbreviation. As well as a host of others.

Never mind the fact that we’ve now got an unprecedented level of new additions in the last two years alone (thanks in part to the increase in DIY vapers, as well as the influx of resellers, relabellers, etc).

Add in the latest fucking trend of folks wanting to enter the place they bought it in addition to the proper manufacturer… And yeah. Shit’s fucked up.

Sorry for the agitation, but I’m trying really really hard just to keep my cool, and help fix this situation. I Honestly am.

But you know things are in progress, and I can’t announce every single thing the instant I change it (unless it’s something “major” like the whole Vanilla, French thing. In which case, I generally have tried to give the courtesy and respect due IN ADVANCE, or immediately after the session is done!!) In this case, I did not, because I thought that a change to the full company name would be easy enough to find.

Sorry it ruffled your feathers.


I had some issues entering a few last week. Just put in what I figured was close. I’ve personally decided to do this until the updates are finished since entering through the flavor list wasn’t useful. Work in progress takes time.

Thanks to those giving up their time trying to improve the sites features.


@Suomynona That was a very good find mate. I duplicated your results across a couple of flavors, and not having any connection to the back end here, am unsure what may or may have not caused that. Thanks for posting this up.


Wait a minute, what ?? !!! @Sprkslfly


Agitate away brother man. You are spearheading the task that no one else is. I’m agitated ON your behalf, after I read your previous about people naming with the retailers name !!! ???

Keep doing what you’re doing brother, and I’ll keep pouring you shots when the agitation returns. I appreciate ALL of the hard work you HAVE done on this, and ARE doing on this @Sprkslfly


Dittos @Letitia


Correct again @Sprkslfly. I’m keeping track. :slight_smile:

I have been in your seat before, on a different site, different issues, same level of fubar.


No one else is doing it because, for reasons unknown, @daath has not seen fit to give him another person to help. I can totally empathize with the agitation @Sprkslfly carries around. I’ve gotten to that point numerous times myself just correcting users and their recipes.

So for the record let it be known that I am more than willing to volunteer working on the database…and have been for a while now. It’s a burden for one person. But I bet two people can do it quicker and more efficiently.


Roger that @TorturedZen.


For now …


Continue discussion from Vape Mail 2019 is the plan on dropping the “V1”?


And to keep it easy to read/track… I’ll condense here:


Hey Sprkslfly,

I use a spreadsheet that ties each flavor to its catalog number in my inventory. It relies on the name of the flavor. Now that you made these changes, i updated my 125 or so flavors, over half needed a name change in my spreadsheet. This was done on 12.26.18. Now today, 30 of them need updating again and it seems as though they have reverted back to their old names. For example Fuji Apple (FA) was Apple, Fuji (FA) a couple weeks ago but long ago I believe it was the former way. Did I catch you in the middle of an update or should I make the changes as they are today? I dont mind making the changes, I just want to not keep doubling up on my efforts. Thanks in advance, apologies if i missed something in this thread!! AND: Thanks for your hard work keeping this site so clean!