Upgrade from cool fire 4

Hi guys I am currently using the cool fire 4 from innokin looking to upgrade to a 50-60w mod I have been looking at the kangatech subox with the mini tank and it is the one for me I think just want other people’s views on this or is there a better mod out there for around the same price also I was looking at the eleaf istick 50w that pulls me in with the built in battery and the 2day vape it says it has before having to charge it again thanks guys :+1:

My money was spent on a SMOK M80 Pro when I was in the market for a new box as an upgrade from a mechanical.

Can fire down to .1ohm with 80w, 4000mah battery life.

Good little device if you like the internal battery aspect of boxes.

It doesn’t get as much use these days as I have an IPV4/S running in temp control as my ADV.


Theres always the e vic mini tc. 60w standard but upgrade already out 1.20 takes it to 75w. Single 18650 but what a machine. Loving mine. :+1:

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I think this is a good setup as long as you are not wanting to eventually get into Temp Control. I am a firm believer in having a mod that you can change out batteries for 2 reasons. One, you do not have to have another mod to vape with while the other is charging (Just have extra battery), and Two, as long as the electronics hold up in the mod, the battery can be replaced when no longer chargeable. Certainly can not easily do that with a built in battery. The Subtank Mini in my opinion is quite nice for those who prefer flavor without high wattage. Comes with a RBA so should you want to build your own coils you can. It is really a nice kit for the average vaper. I can recommend the Subox kit for most people and be fairly sure they will like it. True cloud chasers would not be satisfied with this unit so honestly it all depends on what you have in mind to do with your new setup and what you want to do in the future…


Thanks for all your comments I had a look at the smok m80 and ipv 4/s I liked them but I still think the kangatech is for me and maybe upgrade to one of them in a few months time :grinning: Thanks @ringling for the advice I think I am going to buy it as I’m not going for the cloud chasing I have an isub g atm and that is enough vapour I think and I will be doing the rda builds aswell thanks again :grinning:

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Decided on the ipv 4s thanks for your comments guys really helped me decide just looking at a new sub ohm tank now don’t know what to get deciding on the uwell or the smok tf4 any comments on these I don’t know about the smok arm looked at reviews and the amount of vape that comes out of that beast will fill my room in seconds anyone know if the 2nd hand vape is harmful as I have a 3 year old and two pets in the same room as I vape and my isub tank fills the room quite quickly aswell

Read this on second hand vape. https://www.facebook.com/PattiesVapesBerwickTD15/posts/1710256815927164

@Adam157 check it out. http://www.angelcigs.com/authentic-pioneer4you-ipv4s-120w-variable-wattage-temperature-control-apv-box-mod-black.html

We all have different vaping styles and our preferences in what we like are different. What we like tend to change the longer we vape. The kanger subtank mini works best at lower watts… This will help battery life. If you like to build coils you will enjoy the rbta section. Pick what is right for you.