Upgrading to a duel 18650 mod

Okay, here we go again…
My step daughter wants to upgrade (of course) to a duel battery mod. I’m thinking of the IPV5 200W
Anyone want to inject pros or cons, or a different suggestion? Main reason for the upgrade from the single battery is she is liking the duel claptons I put in the Griffin 25 for her but the single battery mod she currently is using is straining to keep up with it.

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IPV6 will be out shortly. Already up for Pre-order a couple places online. I like the looks better than the IPV5 and after release if you like the IPV5 better price will probably drop. Here’s a link for photos.


Keep in mind we’ll see a lot of new product releases between now and August 8th in the US to beat the FDA Deeming regulations deadline.

That IPV6 is nice looking, but try telling that (to wait) to someone biting at the bit lol
it was either the IPV5 or the iStick 100 I should just get the iStick for now.

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Hold out for a couple hours and I bet you get several replies from others that have both. Both mods have been out long enough for people to form opinions about. I don’t own either so I don’t want to slant you.

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Not a problem… thanks for pointing out that IPV6

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No problem. It’s on my hit list.

Well turned out to be a mute point, she decided on a Pioneer4you iPV400 after seeing a pic of it in purple

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I was just gonna suggest that…great mod and great looks

Good choice! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Recently got an IPV5 second-hand. I have to say, for one it’s pretty heavy compared to other dual 18650s I have. Secondly, I’m still struggling with its unnecessarily finnicky menu - why do I have to sing a song and perform Voodoo to adjust the Wattage again? And thirdly, be careful when using it in the rain, the windows doesn’t have glass, so water can get directly to the chip.

Apart from the above, it’s a nice mod. Really like the precision and the way the battery door slides open. Be careful, though, I don’t know how it performs in TC as I’m a power mode kinda guy :wink:

I would look at the Sigelei 213. There’s a ‘fuchai’ version coming out end of the month, that will be a lot cheaper. Basically same thing, but it won’t be carbon fibre, the body is just different materials. Afaik.


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