US concentrates re-bottled in the UK?

In the UK I notice that some Perfumers Apprentice concentrates also include the name of the UK seller on the label, so am I right in assuming that all Perfumers Apprentice concentrates are re-bottled in the UK, and is it the same thing for Capella and Flavor West concentrates as well, thanks in advance.

Pretty much yes as its bought in bulk. You will sometimes find the original sealed Capella 13ml bottles but not often. These are the sealed bottles

Just stick to reputable sellers.

A few i use:

Also i trust these guys and they started doing 50ml bottles

And these guys as they also do 100ml bottles of TPA and FW for £10

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Even bigger bottles

DarkStar are pretty good, and they have good prices too. Their only issue is low stock at times.

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all good info, cheers