[US] New vendor to check out

I normally don’t announce vendors - but these guys approached me, and I thought they looked interesting. What got my attention was that they said they have over 1500 flavors in stock! They’re an American outfit.

Some of their pricing looks good, but I must admit, I only skimmed each flavor brand. I’m sure they’re open for suggestions!

Anyway, I put them on the resources page, and on the flavor detail pages of the flavor brands they carry.

Check them out: DIY Vapor Supply

If you order from them, be sure to get 10% off with the code: ELRECIPES

Happy vaping! :slightly_smiling:


Roflmao. This is about 45 minutes from my house. It’s where I bought some of my first DIY supplies from. Cracks me up a guy from across the pond posting this. No offense intended.

Good people and good selection on wet goods. Prices were just a bit higher than what I can get most other places online and not have to drive there. I’d still go there if I need something in a hurry. They carry a line of juice from Fog Factory. If anyone ever wants to take a crack at their Sky Rave (Rainbow Sherbet) juice I have a friend that will love you long time. :grinning:


I see they carry Faeries Finest, nice.

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Nice, they do have a nice selection and decent prices! I’m definitely going to be giving them an ofder for some fairies finest, been wanting to try them for awhile. I assume you like them? @Ken_O_Where

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I have tried only one of their flavorings, Root Beer, and it was quite nice. Unfortunately it wasnt my mix, a local B&M owner was playing around with the flavoring, he gave me a bit but i never used it and have no idea what i did with it. Ive been wanting to try them out but they got lost in all the other flavoring companies out there.

Think ill give them a go as i have been wanting to make a Birch Beer.

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I ordered. However there was no discount and I tried various ways of typing elrecipes. Whatever. They gave me a code for 20% off your first purchase to share - http://r.sloyalty.com/r/uG0RdxPVBDSj

Here’s what I ordered -


FW at around $0.30 ml. but looks to have most all the popular concentrates.

Odd. I will contact them and get them to check that the ELRECIPES code works! Thanks for reporting! :slightly_smiling:

Much Love to ya Lars thanks for looking out !

ELRECIPES seem to work now :slightly_smiling:

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Received my first order. Great shipping time and packaging.


Nice! 2 days then? Or 3?

Oh, and PET drippers :slightly_smiling:

I got my shipped confirmation on Monday, so 2 days! Yes, I’m impressed.

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