Us old folks are funny

Three and half years ago more or less Wifey and I were taking a morning walk and she noticed one of those old metal gliders setting on the porch of one of our neighbors. It was dusty beyond belief, as if it had not been set in for decades. Or cleaned for all that matters. We eventually saw the lady that lived there out in her yard and I was prodded to ask about acquiring it. The kind lady explained the the chair had been in her family since her grandfather had bought if for his wife shortly after the end of WW 2. They were quite old at the time and it soon passed to her parents. Many years later her sister got it when her parents went into a home. Her sister passed on, none of her sisters kids wanted it so at the last minute she rescued it from a trip to the dump. She had lived her life single and had no kids. Well needless to say she didn’t want to give it up. Last night I get a phone call that blew my mind. It was this lady’s sister in law. She wanted to know if we still had an interest in the chair. It seems the lady caught bacterial meningitis and it caused a lot of problems, the lady will be lucky if she becomes well enough to live in assisted living facility. When they were talking to her about what to do with all of her stuff she remembered us. Living in the mobile park we have a phone directory so they called and offered it to me. I told them I just didn’t have the money right now for anything like that and they told me to just come and get it for free. That way they know it will have a good home and be taken care of since it had been in their family so long.

All of this is just to say I can’t believe she remembered us and especially our names. Hell I heard her name three times at least last night and then more this morning and I already have forgotten it.


This is the style, only it’s all beat worn and ugly. I’mma gonna fis it up


You’ve got yourself a little treasure there - beautiful! :sparkles:


How cool is that!
Amazing how some people can remember such small details…
I cant remember most days and im in my 30’s… :confused:


Gimme a sec

I had to get DL and double check I’m in my 60’s now. lol


See??? I’ve always said that good people, find good people.


My grams had one just like that! What great memories!

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My neighbor has one that is similar, he had it powder coated and it looks amazing but holy crap it cost him almost $200. to have it done and he did all the prep himself.