US Suppliers for Solub Arome

During a recent obsession / mixing binge trying to get a good Jam and Toast kind of vape, read some great comments about Breakfast from Solub Arome. Polish ? French ?? Bought a few from DIY Vapor Supply but they only offer in 10ml bottles. I’ve heard that Chef’s in the UK was discontinuing that line, so not sure if they’re sticking around or not, but was wondering if there was another US vendor selling their line.


Been looking myself. I’m told their Vanilla is the stuff of legend but I can’t really get it here cost-effectively.


The breakfast (steeping) smells about DEAD ON for Jam and Toast. I picked up a few others, but haven’t mixed yet:

Vanilla Custard – Smells like CAP VC
Vanilla Supreme – Smells like CAP VC with some spiciness maybe ?
Vanilla Custard Gousses – Smells REALLY good, maybe custard/oatmeal cookie/raisins/spice ??
Framboise Sabayon – Very tart raspberry with a hint of bakery ??


Rainbow vapes does their stuff too and it’s cheap. Maybe if you email James he’ll be able to sort you out.


I was going to place a good order with Rainbow vapes for SA flavors but they no longer ship to the US. They say too many packages are turned away at US customs, that sucks.

Looks like DIY Vapor Supply is still the only place for SA in the US but still only 10ml bottles and there like $3.95 each. Not even worth trying then if it is going to be this difficult to source.

Anyone find any other sources that ship to the US and have reasonable prices like rainbow vapes?