USA Best Hardware Shops Online/ BFT Alternative

I rarely get anything new, I am always either using my Ohmega Alpha BFT or testing flavors on my Velocity V2.

I want to get another BFT, but as it is a bit dated, it is hard to find online. I can find it a few places, but it is around $50.

What is the cheapest/ most reliable online store that everyone uses for hardware?

I swear, I am going to buy like 4 so I never have to choose another RTA again, haha. Is there anything comparable to the Alpha BFT?

You’re talking about the 22 mm version, correct? If yes, then I found one on VaporWorld for $19.99. They’ve only got the SS version-the black is sold out. Here’s a little bit of linky-linky goodness:

If you’re not familiar, I found this using . It’s a price aggregator that searches sites in the USA, China, Canada and the Netherlands. You can sort by price either high>low or low>high and you can even exclude regions so that you’re not inadvertently ordering from Denmark, China or Canuckistan.

As to a viable alternative, I’ve not used the BFT so I can’t say. That being said, I feel the same about the Billow V2.5. It’s probably going to be the last RTA I buy as I just love the flavor, the looks, the capacity and the ease of use. The deck is a bit smaller than most, but you don’t need massive coils to get awesome flavor from the 2.5. I usually run 26g 316L SS spaced coils in mine and it’s heavenly.


Pain, I’ve heard nothing but good about that Billow V2.5. I’ve had the original billow, and the flavor was really good with that smaller deck. And that folk didn’t much like the newer V2 so they released the 2.5 which was much like the original. I really should find one of those 2.5’s soon. Pentine couldn’t do much better if he picked one of those up, yep.


Are you interested in authentic only, clones, or “styled” attys?

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BFT is the 30mm one, I have tried the smaller and the deck is a wee bit too small. I don’t understand the price jump from the small to the large.

Clones are fine, my Velocity V2 is a clone and it has worked great. No way I am shelling out 150$ for an authentic! Lol

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Okay good. Some vapers are opposed to the idea of using clones or “styled” attys. I for one am not.

The best clones and “styled” atty’s I’ve found are from “Kindbright”. The veterans from MyVaporium have been talking to me on Zoom and showing me all the different clones; helping me choose the best ones. I also read the reviews and make sure to refer back to this article if I’m venturing on buying one nobody has reviewed yet.

Recently I purchased the “Kindbright Reload Style RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer” from 3FVape. It should be here in about 2 weeks.

So far the Best Hardware Shops Online for authentic, clones, and “styled” atty’s online that I used so far is:


You may want to consider the big warehouses when selling an authentic are often buying up seconds, blems, and other QC reasons that the oem rejects them, so buy at your own risk. On clones it probably does not matter.


True indeed. 100% agree. You always buy at your own risk. However I am truly thankful for the reviewers out there who actively buy and review clones.

Most of the time sellers like 3fVape do get the rejected attys because of cosmetic blemishes. In some pictures you can actually see them - like scratches on the inside of the deck or on the top cap. Other ones may be picture perfect. Honestly it’s up to you and your vaping budget and whether or not that matters to you.

Also, I’ve bought defective Authentic attys that I’ve had to return - The Kylin for example (I got the 1st batch with the faulty sealing gasket). Just make sure whoever you buy it from has a nice return policy.


The 2.5 is everything Billow V2 lovers(Like me!) wanted in the V3, but didn’t get. The V3 was just so…bland. It looked like every other RTA using a Velocity-style deck and the center airflow from the negative post was a whistle in a tube(from what I’ve read-never bought one myself) If you’re looking for a RTA with great flavor and subtle aesthetics, the V2.5 is where it’s at.

Sorry-I was trying!

That’s a huge damn RTA! I’m not sure of the price jump either-maybe the extra material? Have you tried looking at some of the online vape classifieds? You might be able to score one used, if that sort of thing doesn’t turn you off.