USA vendors for a couple Flavors

I’ve been looking for some flavors which I wasn’t able to find in the US. I was hoping someone knows something. Will I be able to get them from vendors in the US?

These are the flavors I’m looking for in the US:

Black Fruit Mint (Inawera Flavours)
Shisha Tobacco Drop (Inawera Flavours)
Sharp Blackcurrant (Molinberry)
Sexy Mango (REK)


Buy direct. They offer worldwide shipping.
Can’t find much on Reka though.


Hi. You should be able to get Molinberry and Inawera at Molinberry, Chemnovatic, Sobucky Super Aromas and Inawera are Polish brands, Reka flavors are from Malaysia and can also be purchased at Chefs rebranded as Wrecka, here‘s the link

While you’re at it, you may also want to order FlavourArt Custard Premium, Milk, Whipped Cream and Corn as they are only sold in Europe (rebranded as Flavour Creative). Also Vape Train Thai Sticky Rice. And a lot of good Inawera tobaccos.

Rebranded is the same as the og, but cheaper. Chefs shipping is reasonable and fast. They’re a great company. Hope this helps you!



Have several Wrecka concentrates from Chefs which are actually blended concentrates as far as I know. Had the opportunity to single flavor test some Reka concentrates when they had a booth at NZ vape expo a few years ago. Their flavors were outstanding but at that stage only distributed to large companies (minimum orders were supplied by the gallon). I fell in love with their Aloe Vera (as well as amazing chocolate and banana) and was thrilled to find it at Chef’s. Was disappointed to find the Aloe Vera has coolant and sweetener added to the concentrate. All five flavors I have are some sort of blend (not saying they are bad) which I think Reka are doing to their retail releases to protect their wholesale clients.

Edit: I think these have been enhanced/blended to make them suitable for SFs


Yup, 1.2-1.6% single flavour. Whatever I add to it makes it worse. Should order a 30ml before the great schism of Europe and import taxes.


I am pretty sure they are straight rebottled Reka.

Could ask on their FB group, or just search in there as I seem to remember they answered this one, as they are pretty open about it.
Also there is a discount code for being on their group.
To be fair, I expect anything under flavourings to be original/rebottles and anything under one shots to be blends.


I don’t think Chef’s are creating one shots or blends. I think Reka have only made their blends available for rebottling. None of the single flavors I have tried are for sale. Will Check out FB tho - thanks :+1:



I’d wager a guess that:
and say

are likely not completely unrelated.
There are a few of the flavour people on the facebook group, so I’d get more of the gossip.

The thing is that in the one shots category, you get bleded flavours/recipes, in flavourings stuff direct from the manufacturer (some of them might be meant as full profiles/recipes), but sometimes rebottled under slightly different brand names (Flavour Art to Flavour Creative, Reka to Wrecka, Flavor Express as Express Flavours, …)

(this is not so much a derail as a chance to tell the OP about the opportunities as chef’s are one of the few shipping nearly worldwide)