Use a fancy coil they said

Every video I ever watched they use a fancy coil, Clapton this and alien that…

“Great for flavour” “better vapour”

Well, why are my simple, cheap, round wire coils performing 100% better?

Can someone please tell me if the following is true:

Claptons, aliens etc are for high power use? RDA’s Box Mods?

I run my K-Box Mini between 20-30w for all my tanks:

Griffin 25 RTA - A single .35 Clapton 3mmID - 25-30w Not bad
Kanger Subtank Nano - A .5 SSOCC or Clapton - 20-25w Not bad
OBS engine - I was running dual Grubby Claptons .3 2mmID final build - tried at 20-50w (slow ramp up or bad flavour)

Now I get these cheap little 1.2ohm round wire coils and they are out performing the above (.6 dual build)

The wicking in the RTA’s is obviously always perfect :wink:


as always everything is dependent on the mod the atty and build. Just that simple.

For ease of use on my of my rda’s I go with 24g ss326 spaced dual coil and ohms out around 0.21. I run it at 92w in power mode. I find it hits really hard on my ipv5’s, great flavor, and less demand on my mod/batteries.

In my aromamizer supreme I like a fused ss316 Clapton smaller gauge to get the right vapor production 30x3 with 40over. The round wire builds I occasionally get a dry hit vs Clapton I don’t. Odd I know but it’s my chain vape style.

For my rda’s I have a few beefy premade claptons that I dislike because the ramp up time is slow and I really don’t want to vape at 120w. I’m sure when I choose to upgrade to a DNA 200/250 device the handling of the beefy coils will improve. But for now I choose to invest in flavors.

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Ah, ok I thought as much, my mod is old hat, still good but old.

Maybe when I upgrade to a new mod things will change, what is the battery life like at 92w?

At 92 it’s still good. A day at work. Vape on the hour every hour just like when I smoked cigs.

I also forgot to mention batteries also affect quality of the vape. I pretty much have the doo doo brown 3000mah batteries. Which also explains challenges of running a bigger coil.

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Simple spaced titanium coils are the BOMB! :smiley:


Those brown 3000 batteries are the bomb… they don’t take as long to charge, have good pulse amps, good straight charge too, hold a charge for a long time under 100w… I use efest 3000’s and 3500’s in my r200 and the 3000’s work better than the 3500’s imho with a quicker charge to boot.

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I need to get some of those to try them out. Can you shoot me a pic of a raw one? Where you getting those at? I just ordered a nice looking juggernaut, will be here later, along with 6 stapled claptons… my favorite coil, although I hear you on the whole ‘what’s the big deal’ side of it… I don’t get a whole lot more performance from 5 wraps of clapton versus 8 or 9 wraps of 24 kanthal.

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I would avoid the brown LG HG2 batteries if you’re looking to fire Claptons on a single battery mod. In my RDAs I get best results at 73W through Claptons, and a single HG2 sags the voltage so bad at that power level. It’s fine at 55W (for my tanks), and even up to 65W. Just not very versatile. The Sony VTC6 can keep up with the higher power, and also has a good mAh rating.

2 Likes is a great source for all the batteries.

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The only source i trust these days when it comes to batteries is Mooch.


To clarify: a great purchasing source. I don’t think Mooch sells batteries.

I agree with @daath, titanium is hard to beat with TC.