Use Flavors to make candy?

Does anyone use there flavors to make candy? I don’t personally but one of my co-works does. She was pretty excited about some of the prices i get for my flavoring and I add her purchase to help get free shipping sometimes. I also give her the flavors I just can’t stand to vape. Was wondering if anyone used the flavors to make candy and if there was differences from vaping taste to the candy taste I should be aware of when making suggestion for flavor purchases?

Most flavours used in e-juice with the exception of tobacco’s I suppose, are originally used in food and beverages, so the answer is yes. Don’t know if anybody here makes candy but I know some use them in drinks.

Some of our flavorings are a bit more concentrated than she’ll be used to. I’m thinking she’s used to the strength of LorAnn’s…

I let her know about that. I also try to give extra warning on flavors that the suggested uses are lower then like 2%.