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Hi folks,

I have set up my account and logged in.

I am trying to update my preferences with details such as size & price of Nic, PG & VG, but when I click save I just get returned to the create account page.

Does anyone know what is going wrong here?

I have tried it on both my android tablet and windows laptop and the same keeps happening.

T.I.A. Cougar

Hey Cougar, I just made a minor change to mine with no problem. The only think I can think of it to log out and back in to see if it helps and whine for @JoJo can you throw a helping hand in here.


Many thanks for the reply @GPC2012 I have tried that on both devices but to no avail

I’m not really sure, this is a new one. The first step in anything like this to try is emptying your cash and reloading your page.

When you click save it should put you on “My Page” and have a yellow bar at the top that says “Preferences Updated” or something like that.

I summon @daath. Maybe he has a better idea of what might be going on here. :confused:

I already talked to @Cougar over email - she found a bug that had to do with my recent security efforts on the login and signup pages - The preferences page should save fine now :slight_smile:


I’m so far behind! LoL. Glad it got worked out. I’m scrambling to catch up with everyone/thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Think there may be another @cougar with the same problem as I’m a He not She and have had no email contact regarding this.

However, whatever magic that has been performed behind the scenes has sorted my problem also.

Many thanks :smile:

Ah, but you used the “Feedback”-form on “My page”, and I replied to you by email :slight_smile: Though I am sorry to have confused you with a woman!

I’m glad the issue is solved! :smiley:

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I wonder what gave you that idea… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

With a name like Cougar… why wouldn’t you think that? Or maybe your showing your age like I am. LOL

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It’s a biker name I was given. Nothing to do with old women and young blokes lol

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