User Spotlight - Staygold204

I just wanted to say that I found this guy’s profile by chance and not only his recipes, but his story really inspired me. I don’t know who he is personally as I’ve never talked to him, but when I read his profile I was like, “Wow, I’m really cheering this guy on” So take a peek, give it a comment and hopefully it drives him to carry on making really great looking recipes!


I think someone hacked Joel’s account! What a heart warming post!


:happycry: it’s dusty in here


Dammitt @anon44012888. Good one.

Following …


Thank you guys! I really appreciate all the love today! If you all have any advice for me let me know.

Some of the flavours I’m currently working on I actually have to do some guess work with some of the concentrates right now. I’m too poor to afford all the nice concentrates but I have some friends who have experience with em and have been guiding me till I can get my hands on em all!

I appreciate any support along the way! Much love everyone


Well @Staygold204 I’ve been here quite a while, and when @anon44012888 mentioned your story, I felt after reading it, that it was one of the BEST one’s I’ve read. Going through, what you went through, could have left many in a far less humor if you will, and I found your positive attitude refreshing. I’m currently waiting on one of your mixes to cure, and will report back.


Thank you good sir! I started mixing because the mixer for our house brand moved on, and I loved watching it and hearing about how to do it. So naturally I offered to try my hand at it. I was commissioned to make 2 make 2 tobaccos to fill a void we had and they seem to sell quite well! Rest they say is history. Now I just have a love for playing with flavours and seeing what people enjoy. Nothing better then seeing a good reaction to a juice no one has ever tried before!

I’m honored your trying it out! If it’s the death by chocolate pudding I’m actually making guess work for the chocolates based of advice from a friend. I’m yet to actually get a hold of them but I’m preparing my recipe prior. At least now I will know if it’s decent :sweat_smile: not meant to be a snack pack pudding exactly or a jello brand. But something similar with a richer chocolate taste.

Let me know!!


Indeed it is !!!


anything for Flavorah, give me a tag… :slight_smile: