Using a dripper to test mixes

I never owned any of the drippers. Was wondering if using one would be effective at tasting new mixes. I would like to keep the same 12mg of nic. I know most drip at 3mg. If I run a similar build to my kayfun and wattage’s say 8 -10 would it compare. I use a home made MIlo inspired DNA40, and a kayfun lite ni200 coils. Its just kind of a pain to re-wick so often.

Rewicking on a dripper takes a few minutes, even with cleaning it and dry-burning :smile: You would probably want a dripper with an airflow that can be tight, and maybe a single coil. It’s really easy and quick!


I use a small dripper by Cisco LR atomizer u can drop 3 drops of pg In between juices and blow out opposite end of air ( sucking in ) to clean or soak in alcohol for real in depth cleanings. But it’s a lil expensive for what it is 23$ avid vaper. It has a huge following. I haven’t had any trouble with it. The 1st 24 hrs it goes thru a breaking in process but their web site it totally devoted and tells u a step by step process of how to do it and clean it. I’m a happy vaper !

Kevin5 u also can add the nicotine after you’ve tested that way it won’t be too harsh if you decide to start dripping. I just can’t do it I tried dripping and even at 1 mg it was a nightmare on my throat d/t the type of inhale u can’t just hold the inhale in your mouth like I can with vaping its a straight hit to your lungs at least it was for me. I’m selling a authentic Vulcan on eBay right now ends Tom. Used it 4 times. Not trying to get in trouble here but feel free to check it out if u want to. Langston4000 is my name over there.

Thanks Amy I’ll take a look

Yep! The Cisco one is pretty awesome as well. No rebuild just take care of the atomizer and you’ll be set !

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Pick up a Magma. You can build it with a single coil, it has great flavor, large juice well and the airflow is tighter than most RDA’s. I have mine built to about an ohm in single coil mode for taste testing. The build deck is up high so it’s easy to re-wick. The domed top cap helps produce great flavor.

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I was looking at the magma. Seems cheap enough too. Looks like an easier one to build on too.

+1 For the Magma.

It’s almost perfect for testing your juices as the mouth to lung on the smallest hole is pretty OK, compared to a lot of other RDA’s…and it’s a different flavour profile most mouth to lung hitters are looking for, so that assists in this area. I build on it from 1.4 - 1.8 ohms, single coil to reduce airflow and it’s great. All my 12mg juices are great on it for these reasons. The clone is a very good clone as well, so very cheap.

One of the great advantages of having a RDA, imho, is that if you are experimenting with your own recipes, it’s a very simple thing to change flavours over in a RDA, as opposed to tanks etc. You can wash the well out, build a new coil (if dry burning isn’t enough) and wick it in minutes, all for a few cents. Problem for me has been so far, that so many RDA’s are built with too much airflow for my preferred mouth to lung fix :smile: The Magma solves the problem.

I always use a dripper to test juices. Its super easy to replace the wick, and just need a couple of drops to try it out

Atomic is one of the best choices for juice testing.

I also have an idea to use mesh as a wick for testing. Ordered some today.

I got a cheap hobo for testing juices. I like it.

You can adjust the airflow from no air what so ever, to lot’s of air… Works well with one coil.

Kevin5, think of the alternative which is taste testing in tanks. You can buy throw away tanks which give no vapor and in turn not as good flavor. OR, you can use a decent tank such as a Aspire and throw away the coils every time you taste a new favor. Well I think you know the cost of either of these methods will start adding up at some point. As a shop owner and a new juice creator I quickly turned to the drippers for testing new juices. Much more cost effective just changing cotton and a little cleanup not to mention no chance of tasting tainted flavors when new cotton is used with each new test. I do recommend to you to blend for tasting at 0mg nicotine since the nicotine portion of you blend is one of the more expensive items. This way if the juice turns out badly, make a mistake, or whatever, you saved your nicotine. Once you have a winner, then add your nicotine. 12mg nicotine in a dripper is quite high anyway.

So… Guess I agree with others here. Mass testing can ONLY BE DONE with a dripper.

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Kevin5, ringling has good point on Omg nic on test batches. Gets kinda spendy after awhile.
Dripper only way to go for testing flavors, cheaper, easier, IMO.

Myself, I have a bottle of just PG/VG and Nic made up. If I’m short on time and want to take a quick test to see how a flavor is I’ll burn 6 or 8 drops thru, it seems to clean out old flavor and than test new one.
Then if it tastes pretty close I’ll rewick and get a true taste or put it back in the box.

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For a man who likes ease, as we all do, it’s time to make up a batch of VG and PG (No Nic) just waiting for flavors. After all, might be able to buy another favor per month with the savings if you do a lot of experimenting.


I also wanted to mention a thought. As I mentioned above I blend for my shop. Basically that means I have not near the time as others have to experiment, then test. Many of you blend up your mixes and steep your brews (sometimes weeks) which is the absolute true test of your blend. Well, I’m not really able to steep my mixes to see how it tastes. If it tastes great after 24hrs I usually will assume it’s only gonna get better. WELL…now and then I wish I had tasted a blend after a good long steep. Now and then something will overpower rather then get better. Has anyone heard of Arnold Palmer juice. This is not a flavor I created but liked the sound of it and decided it would be a good flavor for my shop. Basically it is Green Tea and Lemonade, ect. I tweaked my blend and headed over to another vape shop (friend’s) and we all sat down and tried it. It was to die for (5 out of 5 stars). 5 stars, great, I’ll blend up 100ml for the shop I thought and did so. Once bottled and in a taster tank it was on the shelf. PROBLEM IS after a couple weeks the tea became extremely strong and my 5 star blend tasted like I chipped bark off a rotting tree to vape. Funny thing though, I had tried Arnold Palmer flavor in my friend’s shop and it was quite bad. He tried mine and says “Wow yours is so much better than mine”. But was it, turns out actually NO. I just wanted to mention this because there’s exceptions to every rule as they say. If at all possible do the best testing you can including steep time, untainted flavors (clean cotton), and as I like to do test with a group of vapers when possible. Your taste buds will thank you…

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I was totally thinking about batching my PG/VG nic. I pretty set on close to 40/60/10ish mg. ringling thanks for all the insight. I am building on maybe less than a two dozen flavors and learning some organization skills. Figuring out a few good mixes to save a few bucks and seems like a safe hobby.

I snagged a magma clone on the cheap today, so gonna see how it goes.

A big thanks to all for the great info.

Magma is an awesome choice however I feel it is my duty to give the Plume Veil v1.5 a mention. I. LOVE. MY. PLUME. VEIL :heart_eyes:

As Ringling said you should really test after its had time to sit but to address the dripper topic, the PV gives you a whole bunch of airflow options and you can have single, dual or quad coil builds.

Personally I have an Aspire Atlantis tank (rebuilt with cotton) where I have my ADV and then run 2 or 3 drippers with mixes I’m playing with or am steeping so I can see how the flavour changes over a week or so.

In short, yes, get a dripper! lol

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You’re very welcome, glad to help. So you picked up the Magma for your testing. These guys are pretty persuasive I’d say. Yesterday I checked one of my hardware vendors and sure enough they had two versions of the Magma. When I order next time I’m going to get one too. I think the single coil and less air might be a solution for me. I have trouble not hacking my brains out because of all the years of smoking I did. My Atty just has too much air flow and I built it with a dual coil as well. Earlier I said I like to test in groups. It’s tough to taste test when you are hacking away so you can see one of my reasons for that comment. Don’t think that’s the only reason to taste test in groups, it’s also fun and you quickly get numerous opinions of your blend.

I use a wickless coil build for taste testing. It’s not the easiest coil to build but with a little practice you can make them fairly quick. Super easy to clean and change flavors. Look it up on youtube. Wickless coil build.