Using a milk frothier to mix DIY juices and expedite steeping?

I saw on a video someone using an Aerolatte style milk frothier to mix juice after making it. And I tried it. It does mix and incorporates air into mixes. It’s more difficult on thicker juices. I’ve been using this method and find it really mixes well, rather than shaking the heck out of it and seems more effective to me. Then I leave the cap open to let the undesirable gases to leave the mix. Then, mix again, place in bottle, cap off and place in darkness for a week before I try it. What are your thoughts on this method? Am I ‘airing’ the nic out? What’s the better alternative? Magnetic mixing? Any suggestions on where to buy one(magnetic mixer) and what specifically to search for? Or other mixing/steeping suggestions. Not really lookin to do the crockpot method, unless THAT’S the recommended method to mix and expedite steeping.

I have used all of the steep/mix methods save for the magnetics. I am quite content with my frother. Then again, I’m not for speed steeping. Theres just some things IMO that “time” just cant replicate.

There’s a reason why that 35 year old wine is more expensive and tastes way better than its one year old counterpart. Just my thoughts and mine alone.


Thanks for you response, and yeah I’m generally happy with the mixing and aeration it produces. When you do it, how long to you blend it, typically, and how many times before you bottle and store it? I usually ‘froth’ it for about 30 seconds, then let it sit for 10 min or so, then hit it again and then, finally bottling it. Do you find that your technique is really just a good mixing method and doesn’t affect steep time? What about nic levels? I’m just a bit impatient but I do agree with all the statements that flavor improves with time. I’m also considering the mixing of the juice and warming it in a beaker over warmed rice just to help ‘marry’ everything. if all this happens to improve steep time, great. Flavor is what I’m after. I’ve never made a juice and vape right away.

I pretty much do the same as you. I get as much air in it as I can (usually gets milky in appearance) wait for all the air to rise and hit it again then bottle it. My 400ml batches get the added nic during creation. When I make something new I leave the nic out (it’s your most expensive component) as not to waste it if the new mix is poop.


Wow! 400ml! I’m not at that level yet, but I certainly appreciate your help! It’s reassuring that I’m doin something right. Thanks!

I got a milk frother a few weeks ago and I love it. I combine, froth, let breathe overnight in dark cabinet, then froth again, cap and let steep. I’ll test vape every evening any new recipes until ‘done’, but just test vape, then recap and put away again until the next night. This has been working very well for me so far and I make notes about changes in taste, so I know what to do different the next time, if needed.


I use a milk frother all the time. It seems to mix better, puts more air bubbles in for oxygenation, and cuts the steep time in half. I don’t leave the bottles open because of dust in the air and other contaminants that could get into the juice, even in an enclosed cabinet. After I mix I put the bottles in a warm bath till the water cools. Some still need to steep awhile but the fruity juices are always ready to go.


Ive done four mixes and now vaping the third that was done using the milk frother…and its a success


Using milk frother should do the trick. It will mix better with a milk frother
I found a nice milk frother on Amazon (use discount code: ZENPRO15)

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Works great for me! :grinning: Enjoy!

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I use milk frother when i make anything over 200ml

I normally sit the tub of mix in a bowl of warm water to thin the VG whilst whisking

Ita quite fun with a 1ltr mix takes a while lol does the job good though. I need a magnetic stirrer

Would something like this work?
hot milk frother

Or one of these?

Hand frother with test tube

I use a milk frother as well, and seems to work very well with 10ml batches. 30ml and above it tends to bog down a bit unless my VG is warm. Which it is, because I keep the bottle of VG in a coffee mug of hot water to keep it that way. Then it helps kickstart the steeping process along with the air. I might try one of those paint mixers though, sure would be nice to not have to heat the VG unless I wanted to. And my frother is a 4 1/2 star well reviewed one from Amazon…I think it was around $12-13? Not pricey, but good power reviews. I have been looking at others, but don’t want to end up going through 3-4 and spending $50+. Like throwing away money. Still a lot better than shaking til my arm falls off, and does blend even when bogs a little, just a little less enthusiastically :wink:

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I sit my fresh mix, which is in a glass 50ml beaker, into a coffee cup of warm white rice; 30 seconds in a microwave to heat the rice before hand. In about a minute, the mix is nice and warm enough to mix with no resistance on the frother. And, I feel, a little bit of heat helps bond all the molecules a bit faster. :wink:

Sometimes you can find a good 3 pack frother deal on Amazon for around $13.

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That would be much better than than having to dry off the bottle every time I lift the bottle out of the water. I mix by weight though, not syringe. How long does it keep warm with the rice? I usually have to replace the hot water about every 30 minutes. Also, do you use reg rice or minute rice or does it make a difference? Thank you so much for the tip, I’m definitely going to try it!

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Oh, I understand…duh…lol. I thought you meant you keep your vg in the rice, not the mix. I am going to try the rice trick on my bottle of VG. Basically does the same thing , just different method. So you reheat the rice every mix then?

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The plain white rice will keep nice and toasty in a large ceramic mug or ramekin for a good 30 minutes or so. 1 minute in the microwave will heat up the rice to about 250 degrees, so be careful! I usually only do about 30 seconds for my mixes; that gets the rice to 150 degrees…plenty warm for steeping juice.

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Just to reiterate… I don’t put my mix in the microwave…just the rice. I know you understand, but folks breeze reading this thread might get the wrong idea about what I’m doing here! :thinking:

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@dbirdb …if you are concerned about frothing disturbing your nicotine, you can froth WITHOUT the nicotine in your mix, and when you are ready to cap your bottle, put in your nicotine…I use a dremmel tool ($10.00 at Harbor Freight) with a split tip drink mixing straw on the end of the drill bit (makes sort of an airplane propeller) for my frothing…I froth about 2 to 3 times, depending on how strong the volatiles smell, allowing to sit un-capped…then put my nicotine in and do a quick pulsed mix, then cap

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I like your idea of frothier then adding nic gonna try it like that ! :smiley:

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