Using alcohol base concentrates

Hello guys newbie here. I’m using alcohol base flavor cons and i would like to ask if what is the mixing percentage/average and max percentage/average of those alcohol base flavor cons. Hoping to find some enlightenment😊 thanks

Hello, and wellcomme
Glad to see you are one of the few that can spell newbie [newb vs noob]

What flavor mfg’s are you using?
What we all buy, or something obscure?

Go to the ‘recipe’ side of ELR, make sure you are logged in as a member,
then search each flavor you have.
You should already have all of your flavorings listed in [“My Flavor Stash”]
which is found under the [“User”] tab…top right.
Be sure to watch the dropdown box as you enter your flavors, and click the
corresponding flavor that has the most numbers.

When your flavors are entered, just look at your stash, click on any flavor
you have, and a bunch of tools/info will be available. The first info will be
what percentages…minimum, maximum, median…
then commonly used with, notes, recipes, and so on.

Shit-pot full of great tools on ELR.
Need more help, holler.

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Hi and welcome! :wave:

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Welcome and glad you joined. I natural steep almost all mixes a month with no breathing required. This method takes all the guess work steeping/shaking/breathing out of the equation.