Using different strength nic

I started DIY right before the major shipping ban happened & most of the nicotine supplies were closing. I f’d up. I’ve been using 100mg PG nic, but just realized the rest of the nic is 6mg… & I have A LOT.

I normally vape 3mg 30%PG/70%VG, which is impossible to do with the 6mg nic. I still have some 100mg nic & can order more, but would like to use this nic so it’s not just wasted.

I could handle going down in nicotine strength, mixing a little of each nic to make a 2mg strength & making it a 40/60 or 50/50 recipe. Does anyone think this would work? If so, can you help me create or have a reference to help me make recipes?

I’m horrible with explanations so hopefully that makes sense.


You can mix for lower nic with the 6mg/ml and get down to 3-2mg/ml levels but you will be limited to how much PG flavor you can use to get to 70/30 levels.
Best I can tell you is to buy 100mg/ml and mix it to the 6mg/ml to about 50-60mg/ml.
Use the current recipes you have and figure out with the calculator the minimum 100 to 6mg/ml you will need to get to your preferred 70/30 mix ratio.


Personally I would just buy another liter of vg based nic to combine with each of the the 6mg pg liters.


I agree with @Letitia and I’d buy some more nic in your position and then use this E-Liquid Combining Calculator
to combine both strengths and come up with a combination you can easily utalise.


Your flavor pct is going to have to be 6pct total or less just to get 2mgml for a 60/40 Vg PG mix…So here is what i would do …Take all of you 6mg Nic and Mix Fiddy Pink Lemonade…Lol , there should be plenty of recipes you can mix.


Not sure if this would work but take the 6mg add it to equal parts of 100mg and use 106 as you new strength ?


since you would be mixing 50% 100mg and 50% 6 mg, wouldn’t the strength be 53mg not 106mg?
I’m brand new to this, so maybe I am missing something.


Lowering a mg or two is hardly that noticeable.Go to Diy or Die on Youtube for a comprenensive source on how to mi with a cheap 20$ Amazon scale, how to fill out the Ejuice calculator at ELR (eliquid recipies…com) which has an easy calculator that does mls or grams, you can create or copy hundreds of recpes, share recipies,save your recipies, follow good mxers etc but Diy or die and start at the beginning under headphones and its easy peazy (if thats what your were even asking lol) but its how i learned to mix without syringes n flasks etc.Picked it up pretty quickly and im a dumbazz :joy:

U dont mix 50% nic that goes by mg you enter into the calculator which doesnt know the difference between freebase or salt nic…Flav percentages gets translated into grams and or MLs depending what you entered into the ejuice calculator and how u prefer to do it…IT asks how strong your nic you bought is, which base you bought it in, how strong do u want it and how do u want your final vg pg mixture after everything is added (70-30 50-50 etc) the calculator does all the math once your inputs are done n flavor percentages are entered