Using element frost ns20 shot to pre-made vg/pg mix

Hello all
This may sound stupid I was wondering could I make a mild element frost eliquid by buying and mixing pre-made vg/pg mix Don’t know if I would require a premixed nic also in that and then adding element frost ns20 to that vg/pg to make a eliquid.

Can’t figure out how to calculate the ratios cause the ns20 comes in 10ml 65%VG/35%PG with 20mg

Desired eliquid
70vg/30pg 3mg nic

Want to give this a try and then get into buying concentrates and making my Own Eliquids.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Ok, here is an example using the element frost eliquid NS20


And here is the link if you want to “adapt”

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And just to clarify, you know that this IS a nicotine shot right?

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Much appreciated.
Though of using the frost nic shot cause its already flavoured with menthol.
Any idea how much flavour of menthol would come through in this kind of a mix.


A review from that site… Seems its strong by itself

Thought i’d be the first to review this ‘salt nicotine’ based e-liquid. Firstly I must say this is a liquid you would mix with other minty/aniseed flavours as it is very strong by itself. Very interesting e-liquid, not sure if it’s a mental thing, but it definitely took the edge of wanting a cigarette. However, my only complaint would be is that it doesn’t taste identical to my all time favourite Frost flavour - (also made by Element) I suppose the higher nicotine content may be something to do with that. Otherwise its definitely worth a try, just as long as you mix it with a strong minty/menthol flavour as it wouldn’t taste nice with a sweet/candy flavour.

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Thanks a lot for the help will give it a shot