Using Medicine Bottles

I am curious to know if it would be ok to store my steeps in empty medicine bottles. I’m only talking about the screw-in type lids where the seal is tight, like the bigger 4-6oz bottles.


I am not sure about the plastic used. I would say no. As a preference. But great to store other things like tools and rda’s and rdtas that are not in use.


Your probably right being the plastic may not be rated for liquid. Had my doubts as well. I do like the idea of using them for other things as you mention!


I received 10 100ml Amber glass bottles today that I got from Ebay for £11.95. They were for eye drops and I think good value. I just pulled the dripper tube off as I want them just to mix larger batches of my favourite mixes and when they are steeped i’l just transfer to a 30ml dropper bottle for use.

Well be careful and don’t do what I did with the nic bottle. I transfered all the nicotine to 60ml bottles that had the eye dropper lids. I took the dropper part off and kept the same cap on it, so before I opened the bottle to finish a recipe, I shook the hell out of it. Well, when I opened the bottle the nic came out of the cap with the plunger on it. Luckily I was wearing gloves! Of course I felt like an idiot afterwords!!!

Of course you need to be a user… I have collected an array of hot sauce bottles of different sizes over the past few years. They work fine for storage, but it’s necessary to use a funnel when pouring into a small mouth container (ie; 30 ml plastic bottle).

They’re easy to clean once you’ve acquired a set of bottle brushes in a range of sizes. And, these bottles are easy to store and ship.