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Using nic base w recipe


I know this has been asked a thousand times but I keep getting confused so please help one more time.
I’m making a juice using a recipe I “created” but I’m going to use a nic base I made awhile ago. So when I mix the ingredients I don’t need to include pg VG or nic ingredients separately I just need to add the flavors.

My question is what is the correct amount of base to use. Do I just use the total of those 3 ingredients as listed on the recipe page?

Or do I use the amount shown when I select Use Nic Base?

The two amounts aren’t the same. The Nic Base amount is lower than the amount shown on the original recipe. Not by a lot but still different.

I hope I’m explaining myself clearly.

Ex recipe for a total of 10mls has nic,oh & VG equaling 10.75 grms. If I Edit that recipe and select nic base ready the total is 9.17gms of base.

Not a huge difference but which is correct.

Thanks so much.


If I’m catching what your throwing down properly, I’d use the Use Nic Base function. It looks to me like you have 0.83ml of flavoring, so it’s telling you how much base to add to get to 10ml. You should be a-ok.


Could you screenshot and post both versions you’re trying here?

That would make it easier. Someone else may have more experience with the nic base function than me, and bring some better advice.


The 2nd is the original recipe
The 1st is selecting vape ready Nic Base


Can you get a pic of the nic base version in edit mode? it looks like you don’t have it set to the ratios of the base you’re using. It still reads 100mg in 100% PG. I haven’t had much experience with premade bases, but that seems off.


Yes, it looks like you left the base nic strength at 100mg and the PG of the base at 100%.

This is what it should look like if your base is 3mg, 30/70 PG/VG


When Vape Ready Nic is selected it blacks out the pg VG nic amounts.


I use my own nic base. I’ve found it’s easier to enter 0 nic and check max vg.


Thanks Letitia. I dunno why I’m having such a hard time with this today. I mean I’ve been doing it this way for over 6 months but drew a blank for some reason. Maybe I was over thinking it. But there ARE two different amounts that I’ve never quite figured out why!! Probably not a good time to mixing lol!

I just tried it that way and it comes up with a totally DIFFERENT amount of 11.16 grams lol ! Now my heads all over the place!

btw I run into you everywhere lol!!

Sara aka fidola13


You only need to know what amount of base to add to the flavors, using 0nic and max vg gives you that number. IMO it’s the easiest way to use the calculator.


Ok. I’d still like to know why there are 3 separate amounts. Lol! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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There is quite a few things going wrong here, such as with the nic level… anyway… The weight difference is because in one recipe you are caculating by using 88.50% PG based nicotine and the other have 3% PG based nic, 15.5% PG and 70% VG, altogether 88.50% base. Volume is the same but VG is heavier than PG, hence the weight difference.


Thanks never even took into consideration weight. So which amount to use?

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First off, if you read the topic to which you replied to yourself, then the “Use vape-ready nicotine base” doesnt work: Recipe calculator no good for use with pre mix pg/vg/nic base

What you should do is put the right information for “Nicotine strength”, “PG-content of nicotine” and “VG-content of nicotine” that match the pre-mixed bade that you have to work with and adjust “Desired strength” or do as previously suggested, select max VG and go with that and get a fairly close weight result.

My suggestion in general is to NOT use pre mixed bases, to avoid issues and to obtain consistency. No matter what, then obtaining consistency is not possible with pre mixed bases unless you stick with same recipe or recipe that contain the exact same percentage of overall flavors. For that reason i always recommend people to avoid using premixed bases, not only because of consistency with PG/VG ratio but also because of consistency with the nic level.

Anyway, what ever works for you is fine, that is what really matters, but using these pre-mixed bases is recipe for complications/inconsistency.


Ok thanks I’m understanding that much better. I’ve been making my own nic base assuming a 15% flavor total. Plus or minus a bit of nic doesn’t matter to me.