Using nic in new recipe

Hello everyone . This is my first time posting. I’m not sure if this is category or not.
I have been making my own juice for close to a year now . I don’t consider myself a beginner or an expert. It is just something I love to do.
I was wondering everyone’s opinion about adding nic to new recipes.? As in if you find a new recipe and you have no idea if it’s good or not . Do you add nic and hope you didn’t just waste it? Or it steeps for 2 weeks and It is good but you didn’t add Nic .
I’m just curious how other people look at it . Maybe it’s a dumb question idk haha . I also just wanted to say hi and meet some people on here. Thanks

Hi Randy!

I mix at 3 mg Nic and put it in my trials too. At that ratio its less than 1ml of 100mg/ml solution per 30 ml bottle. I want to know what the final recipe will taste like. Others will tell you the opposite. I really think it’s just a to each his own thing.


Hi Randy! Welcome to our crazy world here on ELR.

I do the same as @Big_Benny_MI , because I want the full effect of flavor, but I generally make a test batch of not more than 15ml until I’m happy with the recipe.


Like @Big_Benny_MI and @Alisa , I only test full recipes which include the nic, and I feel that is even more important if the juice will be steeped. For steeping, I want the full completed mix to steep as on homogenous mix.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing quick tests with just PG/VG or plain water, but I feel that doesn’t give you a very clear picture.

Just my 2 cents. YMMV


Wifey and vape at 3mg nic so I’m willing to make a 10 or 15 ml bottle depending on my gut feeling about the flavor profile in the recipe. If it’s something that really hits my wheelhouse then I’ll do a 15 try it fresh, steep it and hope for the best. Most of the recipes I make are my own or something that someone else makes and I’m going to try it out with the idea of changing it to fit my tastes a little better.


Welcome Randy
I do 30ml test so I have enough to try it once a week during the steeping process but I have always added the nic as well. I would rather waste a little nic and know what the final juice taste like at the nic level I mostly use.


2-3 mg/ml in a 10 ml batch is about 2 cents worth of nic. Not worth worrying about for me.

Seems like this was a bigger deal before everyone started sub-ohming and 12-18 mg/ml juices were more common, but even then I remember a lot of people didn’t care about possibly wasting a dime’s worth of nic either.


Same boat. I start with a 15 ml bottle. I mix at a final desire rate of 1.5 mg of nic. Cost is minimal at that point. If it is a dumper, I still try fix the last half of bottle and normally I get a vapable product

I have pif’d several “new” flavors to people in need letting them know that I really didn’t like it. I would never give anything that for whatever reason tasted like something was wrong with it. I used to tell my wife everytime I’d buy a new juice this is OK but it would be better if it had… or… in it. Now I just change how I make it and keep my mouth shut. lmao

Besides now that I think of it a buddy of mine gave me 4 120 ml bottles of nude armor in PG cause he can’t handle the PG and now gets his from Nic River in VG. So I can teste a lot of recipes before it costs me anything at all.

I’ve always put nic in my test bottles cause I wanted to know exactly how it was gonna taste. Seems like that’s normal . I just wondered if everyone else did the same . Thanks

That’s awesome. I use 100mg / 100% PG NIC. When I first started I had no idea what to get so I went with 100%VG like most people. I like to vape around 75vg/25pg. So after a while it just seemed to make sense to me to use 100%pg nic .

I don’t put nic in my single flavor testers cuz I’m lazy and it’s just one less thing to add, but I do use nic when I’m testing new recipes. I don’t know that it makes a huge difference either way, but I typically vape mostly testers and I need my nic fix. :slight_smile:

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