Using oneshot recipes

OK I’m not a beginner to DIY but am new to oneshot/flavour bases and may be over thinking this but here goes.
I understand how to create the concentrate recipes from a main recipe but how do I then convert that into my vapable ejuice ?
I.E. I make my 50ml bottle of concentrate and it is to be mixed at 15% - I want to make a 100ml bottle of juice from that - so 15% of 100 is 15ml of concentrate and 85ml of VG/PG but I mix by weight and have 4 flavours all mixed together and the VG/PG I’m going to mix it into is different weights. So how much exactly does 85% of VG/PG weigh or the 15% of flavour base in weight ?
Hope that’s clear and not as daft as it seems when typing this.


Okay I hope I can help

I’m going to assume that your 4 flavor base are all PG based and when you made the base you had “use manufactor’s specific gravity” checked off.

When you create your recipe you will put in your values of PG/VG and nic strength and what your nic base is. Let’s assume your nic base is also PG.

If you want a 3mg nic strength and a 30/70Vg mix then add your one shot in at 15% it should look something like this


Doh - So you plug in your numbers as if creating a new recipe, don’t I feel stupid.
I was looking for a dropdown or something from the oneshot page - simple when you know how.
Thank you Tinman.