Using out of date products

I just mixed up 3-30mil bottles & starting vaping right away. The taste is just horrible with all three flavors I get the same nasty taste. I’ve been mixing the same way, using the same subtank min for a while now with no problem. So I rebuilt my coils even went back to the original kangertech coil but still getting that nasty taste. So I started looking at the dates on my nicotine, pg & vg.
PG-best before 8/2016
VG-best before 5/2016
NIC- Retest date 2/2016

IS THIS MY PROBLEM? Have you been down this road before? Its the only excuse I can find. lol If this is my problem ok. Its a quick fix. I’ve never even paid attention to the dates on these products but this is a good lesson. Buying so much to save a buck can come back to bite you.

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Your dates are 2017.


ooppss. thanks. lol

If you have a dripper try testing your PG and VG unflavored to narrow down the culprit. The nic is the first thing I would suspect but ruling out your base is the way to start.Has it changed color dramatically?

Try it again in 7 days
I’m sure your PG, VG and Nic is fine

I think Shake & Vape is just a myth of pros they speak,
Everything needs more time, a Steep at least a week.
Shake vigorously and put it in a cool dark place,
Or do like me and take it to outer space!

I’m almost a poet, and I knowit

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