Using saline in juice

Hi guys it’s been a while from my last post, I had to quit vaping for a few months due to the problem I had with huge amounts of phlegm build up in my throat it just wouldn’t go away so I stopped the vape and it went away then just 3 weeks ago I started to vape again cause I did start smoking after I quit. Sure enough the phlegm came back just 2 weeks in and I’m feeling so depressed.
I read somewhere that you can use saline instead of vg or pg in juice and this can stop the phlegm problem, is this safe to do and how do you do it? Any help would be appreciated because I’m do close to stopping again

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I think saline is only an additive - like below 5%… What PG/VG ratio do you vape at? Maybe try to fiddle with that? Maybe higher PG (unless you’re sensitive to PG of course)…


Some vapers have an allergy to pg, so they mix a max vg juice, reducing there pg as much as possible. Max vg juice can be very viscous and cause problems when it comes wicking and dry hits. Some people recommend thinning the max vg juice with distilled water. Some use saline but it may add saltiness to your mix. To even further your max vg juice try highly concentrated low usage percentage flavors. There are vg based flavors and some with no flavor carrier at all.

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Saline can also create rust on some forms of SS certain types of wire we use. As mentioned many of us will use a few drops/ml of distilled water instead of PG.

Welcome back. Hope we can help! Does this happen with every liquid you try? It sounds a lot like the problems I started having with koolada. As others have said, I would look at your PG/VG ratio. Try vaping straight PG and/or straight VG first and see which one, if either of them, are causing the problem. If it’s neither, the next place to look is your nicotine. Make an unflavored base at the strength you usually use. Then, one by one, start trying your flavors. Hopefully you can nail down something that will be easy to eliminate.

I have tried lots of different juices, nothing with koolada I vape mostly dessert flavours. The problem I have with eliminating vg/pg is the phlegm takes so long to go like last time when I quit vaping and went back to cigs it didn’t go away for weeks. Then returned when I Vapes again. The other problem is I buy doublers cause I’m in Australia and most if not all are made up of pg then it’s almost impossible to buy straight vg doubles because they used the regular concentrate brands like Cappella

Phlegm is a common side effect of quitting smoking… Could be that :smile:


btdt (been there, done that). I didn’t think about that. My 1st thought was a pg allergy… but I don’t know the symptoms.

I also had this same issue. The solution for me anyway was adding 2% Distilled Water to all of my mixes. It still took several weeks to resolve but I no longer have issues with it. I recently tried to go back to no DW in my mix but the Phlegm returned very quick so back to adding 2%DW and once again the Phlegm went away.

As for the Saline I also tried that but WOW does it ever gunk up coils quick so Distilled Water was the trick for me. If you sub ohm with high wattage there is the fact of DW popping and cracking which some folks don’t like but I would imagine reducing the percentage will help with that.

I have to throw in a “me too” on this one. After I quit smoking I was hacking up some very colorful and very nasty loogies for several weeks. Give it time, it will eventually clear out as your body does it’s thing to get rid of what you have been sucking into your lungs for so long. Something we have to consider here as well is that cigarette mfg’s actually put chemicals into their tobacco that suppress mucus expulstion, so once you quit, that suppression is no longer there, and we expel, and expel and expel. Gross I know…but it is a part of quitting.

Omg I’m not the only one then…thank you so much for replying. Do you use 100% Vg or Pg? I am going to try 100% vg as I have been told the pg mite be doing it too. Do you buy distilled water from pharmacy? and do you just add the 2% into you finished juice? Sorry about all the questions it’s just I really don’t know much about mixing my own and I’m a little scared of doing the wrong thing. Also I only use a tank on my istick so don’t drip.
Thank you :blush:

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I can not vape anything more than a 25PG 75VG blend but mostly do MAX VG as most flavorings are PG base. What I do on the recipe calculator is add the distilled water in the slot for Water/Vodka/PGA just mark 2% in that slot and mix your juice. I purchase my distilled water at the grocery store but if you are going to try the saline solution I was told by my doctor to go to a medical supply place and ask for sterile saline solution. As I said the saline solution will gunk a coil up quick so unless you are intending to use re-buildable tanks I would stick with the DW.

Trust me it took a good while to go away in my case but as everyone has pointed out it is all part of quitting. I am now almost 10 months in with no cigarettes and it now does not even bother me to be around others that smoke. Actually my wife still smokes as vaping was just not for her. It takes time to get over the side effects but it is worth it in the end and I was a 46 year 2 to 3 pack a day smoker.

Stick with it cough it up spit it out when you can and the DW to me helped a lot.


Thank you so much I will give it a go, your help has been so uplifting cause I really was looking at giving vaping up all together.

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I quit smoking for 5 years. Then I started vaping. I have a problem with allergies and mucus is a by product. I saw no change when I started vaping. It does take a month or so to get used to vaping, so don’t be discouraged. Just stay light on your wattage and work your way up. You will be chucking huge clouds in no time!

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