Using SS (& Ti) in non-supported TC mods

I’ve recently been lamenting the lack of TC mods offering support for stainless steel. There is the SS firmware available for X-Cube 2, as discussed by @ffrank & others, but it seems, being the “less-is-more” kinda guy that I am, (& not possessing a Phd in electrical eng.) I just dont have the brain, or possibly, inclination for that mod… (I’m with @ringling… If I win the comp, there’ll be another comp! …wouldnt sneeze at the tank tho …:wink:).
So, if the ‘SS’ answer for me is not the X Cube 2, then… what…?
I’ve come across a very interesting & informative thread on ECF that discusses the temperature coefficient of resistances etc. It really shines a light on this subject for me & offers a number of solutions for using SS & Ti in non-supported TC mods …& hope for the future. It’s quite possible this is “old news”, but I thought some of you might find this thread helpful …or at least interesting.

Being the metallurgist - physics expert - mathematician that I definitely AINT, It might be a couple more reads before I can wrap my head around this fully, but, I’ll get it.
In the meantime, hats off to TheBloke for putting it all so (well, for me anyway, almost so) clearly. And If anybody here has anything to add, all the better!
Enjoy. Vape on!


I like that the DNA chipset allows co-effetint so we can set up any wire with a definite co efficient.

Some of the yihi chips attempt using stainless steel in titanium t.c. mode.
Thanks for the information


I use 316L SS wire in all of my non-TC mods. Much better than kanthal A1.

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Got a good link for that 316l wire? I want some - beadalon 26g 316L ss craft wire

Thats where I got mine

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Your welcome!

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For the EU vapers
They have a pretty good price, buy 5 pay 4 and a free 10 meter spool of wire with every order.
It’s a UK site.

Vape Atomizer Mesh aka Crazy Wire Company aka The Mesh Company and I don’t know how many more. I’ve bought there a lot. Customer service is very varied. Recently they seem to be ok.

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Thanks man.

So anyone got a opinion on the temperature control in titanium mode.
Using stainless?
Any experience anyone tried it?

I say, if it works in temp mode use it. I tried it on my (admittedly not so temp controlled) TC mod and it wouldn’t read it as TC, just VW. Technically mine only reads nickel but it works with Ti, too. I don’t know any of the coefficient stuff, I just set it where I think it feels ‘right’ and that’s that. I know someone on here talked about using SS with TC a ways back and if I were a betting person I’d say it was @Pro_Vapes but I’m not, so I won’t. :wink:

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I’ve been figuring Pro_vapes would chime in with his knowledge on the subject.
I’m hoping I’m not causing health issues,but at 30 joules I’m getting a fence warm Vape & not dry hits.
Also if the wicked gets dry, the pulse modulation works just enough to kick start wicking.

The only TC mod that know of that’s setup for SS TC is the SMOK X Cube II. I didn’t set up mine because I only vape Ti. Some TC mods will read SS but the TC feature will not be accurate. Some has upgraded their Cube II for SS, but I haven’t heard how it performs.

I be heard how the smoke works well with stainless steel.
Off topic.
I had 3d prints made for the dna200 as my first where b.s. so they are reshipping.
I’m sure all mods will all be able to accept coeffetient resistance efficiency adjustment from now on.
The smok & DNA 200 are what’s available now.

S.S. in titanium mode on the ipv3 li @ 30-40 joules works REALLY GOOD

P.S. I’m betting that the Smok tfv4 is just enough competition to lower the Crown tank retail & I’m excited about that, ill have a little Crown tank army going all with rba setups.

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