Using TFA/TPA Concentrates and has no flavor

My flavor profile is all over the place.
Flavor West
Flavor art

All I ordered from nicotine river

Then liquid barn
And real flavors

But the biggest help when mixing is research…

Generally I look at the vendor or manufacture websites or when all else fails I look at what others have to say about the flavor by looking it up on elr

Let’s take Apple pie for example

Single flavor recommendations: 60
Average quantity: 9.4% (Median: 10.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.1%
Maximum used quantity: 18.0%

So when I mixed it I tried 9.5% to start with

Seems like the percentages are all over the place and theres no consistency

Would you start at 9 let it steep and see if it needs more then add more and steep again?

Taste is subjective…

What taste good to one person may not taste good to another…

I’d start around the average and go from there. It’s been said on these forums to much flavor mutes the flavor.

So start low then go up…

You know you can take that drip cap off, right?
Makes it a whole lot easier :wink:

I only use unicorn bottles now, always measure with a scale.

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But the way to do it is start low allow to steep test, add more, steep again, etc?

Some single flavors are shake n vape…

By that mix it shake it up and vape it…

Apple pie I vaped as soon as I mixed it… if I didn’t like it then I would have let it sit for a week …

Yea but the hole is still too small to get anything in

I was replying to someone else about unicorn bottles sorry

Yeah we can see, and that :flushed: face was mine too
Pictures may help… you got me wondering here if you’re trying to poor it in with a bucket

Haha habe no idea how to put pics. The syringe barely fits into the top of the bottle and vg goes everywhere

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I tried condiment bottles and they were way too big

It’s always a good idea to browse the #e-liquids:beginners forum, go through the guides that are posted… it’ll tell you something about mixing and how to use the forum.
You can chat with @discobot to learn more about the forum… but long story short, you can either paste a link to a picture (on a new line) or just copy/paste a picture in your reply-box.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Not to get off the subject but I order my bottles from dropper bottles

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heres my thought, a lot of the flavors you have Are not going to be great as a single flavor , your going to need to mix some together to achieve a half good vape … i have used some of these and tested as SF but would never use Alone … also keep in mind the creams and milk type flavors arent going to have a in your face great taste they are used to thicken ( mouthfeel ) or combined together with fruits , nuts , other top note flavors

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To come back to the flavors…
If you’re just vaping, coming from tobacco, you may want to give your taste buds a couple weeks time to restore. Your taste and smell WILL come back and it’s not going to take forever.

On the recipe side of the site, when you browse the recipes, click on a flavor. It’ll tell you what the average/median use is of flavors, both in mixes and as standalone. The median % is always a good guideline to go by. Usually for TPA they’re located somewhere between 2 and 8% (this is no rule, there are exceptions).
So 15% is rather high, but also not unheard of. There are plenty recipes that sit between 15 and 22% of total flavoring.

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Right I haven’t smoked in months so that’s not it. I know some of the flavors are intended to use with others like the milk and brown sugar.

I see what you mean, but that doesn’t look completely unworkable to me.
In any case, just use what you think is most convenient. Most people prefer a scale because it’s less dishes after mixing. If you’re happy working with syringes, go with it.