Using TFA/TPA Concentrates and has no flavor

I bought 22 TFA/TPA flavors and was advised by the wholesaler to start batches at 15%. I’ve tried them in 15ml at 15% and there’s no flavor to any of them. I’m using 35pg/65vg with 6mg nic. I’ve steeped the flavors as instructed and there’s no taste to any of them. What am I doing wrong?

Would help if we knew what flavors… you bought…

But right of hand I think you may be to high of a %


Yep… He will know about using too high of a %.

Good advice BTW!


You guys rock - here is what I got:

Orange Cream
Blueberry WIld
Vanilla Cupcake
Coconut Cream
Brown Sugar
Rainbow Sherbert
Pancake Syrup
New York Cheesecake
French Vanilla Creme
Banana Cream
Berry Cereal
Apple Pie
Pink Lemonade
French Vanilla
Lucky Leprechaun
Fruit Circles with Milk

Now the wholesaler I bought them from told me 15%. I like a strong vape, I don’t want a hint of flavor I want in your face bam! But none of these are tasting like anything at 15%.

Only one on that list I’ve tried is Apple pie.

I prefer Capella Apple pie personally.

Maybe @Pro_Vapes can coment on the other flavors

I don’t have a dripper top so I can’t make small batches and test them. I make 15ml and let them steep then try them. That’s the only method I’ve come up with.

These confuses me slightly. What are you using to measure with when you mix…

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What vendor did you use? Telling you to start at 15% is kinda fishy. 10% is the highest I use any of those


Nicotine Wholesalers I think? I was using a scale but I bought unicorn tip bottles and the liquid wasn’t going in to I changed back to measuring by syringes.

I really appreciate any help you guys can give me, I’m ready to give up vaping because it’s too expensive. Trying to DIY bc I live on veteran’s disability.

Don’t give up… Diy is by far the cheapest way…

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Thanks - I just need to get it down where I can get vapable ejuices

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Did a quick search of the vendor in the forums

@Beaufort_Batches might be able to help you with that particle vendors flavors…

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Should I click on that name and message him or is he included in this forum?

I tagged him . So next time he logs in he will see he was tagged…

Ok great, I’ll wait for his advice. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

Personally I haven’t used that vendor…


Nicotine river is a good vendor to order from and they have a variety of flavors from different suppliers.

I also order from liquid barn

And started ordering from real flavors. Been trying out their flavors when they do their sample sale… just pay shipping

Thanks. I have all these flavor concentrates and vg and pg and dont know what to do with them.

What brand of concentrate do you use and how do you know percentages?

You could try mixing at a lower %

For example the Apple pie @ 8%