Using the flavor Adjust tool

Looking for others results using this tool. I am having a hard time tasting flavors in general. Started out with SB’s like a lot of others it seems. I quit smoking 2 months ago today and turned to vaping as a tool to keep me from going back. So far I haven’t noticed much change in my taste buds but am hopeful they will someday come around.
I have mixed over 70 different recipes and the vast majority that I vape have very little flavor. I am finding I am just wasting materials on these recipes. I have found also that in my SFT, I need to use flavorings at a higher than normal range in order to find the flavors in most concentrates.
This morning I sampled 6 of the latest recipe mixes that have steeped at least a month and was again disappointed.
I have not tried this tool yet but it sounds like a perfect solution. I don’t want to however just end up over flavoring mixes.
Does this tool help get folks in the ball park with similar taste buds? Will raising the percentages proportionally across the board keep recipes tasting the same as intended?
I posted a recipe that I am working on in the WIP thread and adjusted it according to some of the recommendations I received from of the Great folks here, it has not steeped long enough but I gave it a taste after 4 days and it is looking like the flavor is not going to be where I can taste it!
Sorry to make this so long, Guess I’m just a tad frustrated at this point!

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It would help to see some of these recipes. Your percentages could be part of the issue, but my hunch is that it’s either your tastebuds or equipment. What are you using to test these recipes?

Also, you wrote that you just quit smoking 2 months ago, but you’ve already mixed, steeped and tested over 70 recipes. That is quite a lot! Maybe focus on 4 or 5 so you can really get in there and tweak these things into greatness, then lock in the next 5.


If it’s the nut mix with ice cream lb. yeah, I wouldn’t touch it for a minimum of two weeks but would be much better the closer you get to 4 weeks.

As for adjusting flavors up. Well. I would say you wouldnt increase flavoring across the board by 1%. This can lead to over flavoring in one compentent like too much cream or too much of a dark berry.

Increasing percents is best done through experience. Once you mix a recpie the question is; what’s missing…then determining if you should increase a strawberry and decrease a cream. I ask myself; are two of the flavors not getting along and thinking if I should swap one flavor with another from a different brand.

Through doing this trial and error, although may seem wasteful I learned quickly by doing “X” results in “y.” Soon, you learn your preferences and what you like. And then when you look at another’s recpie and mixing it maybe you mix an original version and one adjusted to your taste.

But I do agree with the previous comment above. What is your setup? What recpies are you working with? Links or type them out. Also, since you are struggling…have you entered all your flavors into your flavor stash “? If so, link?


Here are a couple I tested this morning. I was using a Dark Horse RDA with a .88 ohm coil between 20 and 40 Watts. New cotton for each mix.

Torrone Custard by Boogenshizzle :

1.00% Almond (FA)
0.60% Cream Fresh (FA)
4.00% Custard (FA)
1.40% Marshmallow (FA)
0.50% Torrone (Nougat) (FA)

Flavor total: 7.5%
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Queen's Cookie Jar (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.00
Pear (FA) 1.00
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2.50
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 3.50

Flavor total: 8%

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Ella's Shortbread Biscuit

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 0.50
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.50
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 4.00
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2.00
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 1.00

Flavor total: 9%

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As I stated in my previous post, have mixed 70 different recipes. I have not tasted all of them yet. I have found a few that I can taste and enjoy and I vape these daily to keep me off the smokes. for example:


Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (FW) 3.00
Butter Pecan (FW) 4.00
Hazelnut (FW) 7.00
Sweet Cream (FW) 5.00
Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) 1.00

Flavor total: 20%

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Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1.00
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.50
Custard Pi 3.14 (FA) 1.50
Golden Butter (CAP) 0.30
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 2.00
Juicy Lemon (CAP) 1.00
Lemon Meringue Pie (FW) 3.00
Lemon Sicily (FA) 3.00
Meringue (FA) 1.50
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 0.75

Flavor total: 14.55%

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Doug's Awesome Sauce

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (FW) 3.00
Peach (Juicy) (TPA) 6.00
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5.00
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3.00

Flavor total: 17%

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I have not mixed this yet, just used the tool to change the flavorings

Queen's Cookie Jar V2 (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.56
Pear (FA) 1.56
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3.91
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 5.47

Flavor total: 12.5%

Remember to rate it at!
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Just kinda noticed a big difference in total flavoring in the ones i’m not tasting compared to the ones I can!
But this doesn’t answer the question of increasing flavoring proportionally using the tool.

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I have mixed over 70. I have not tested them all. Lmao that is a lot! I will say that I am one who can not vape the same thing day in and day out. I usually have 4 tanks with 4 different mixes that I rotate all the time. Currently vaping 30 to 40 ml a day.
And your point of picking 4 or 5 to narrow down is exactly what I’m trying to do now. Actually would like to nail down the queen’s Cookie recipe and I am currently working on a Southern Brew remix which is supposed to be a toasted Almond Ice cream flavor. This is the one I posted in the WIP thread.

Southern Brew Remix

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 1.00
Nut Mix (FA) 0.50
Toasted Almond (TPA) 2.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 6.00

Flavor total: 9.5%

Remember to rate it at!

YES, IMO you can click the little blue wrench and click the adjust flavor % and it will proportionally increase the flavors in that recipe to get it to where you want it. You should do it in small increments because if you adjust the entire recipe and one of the many flavors gets too high it may ruin that entire bottle. But it is easy to dilute back down, juice is more easily diluted than to add individual flavors into a mixed bottle to increase flavor.
Some mixes were made for drippers i think and those recipes may be too weak for adv in a sub ohm, also the SF recommendations here at ELR may be low because everyone’s taste buds work better than mine.
That being said, some of the recipes you listed “look” ok and I have tried them, and they are not under flavored, so they may just need a longer steep.

I have PD and my sense of taste and smell are no longer at 100%


Hmmmm. It may just be your build with too much airflow. If you have the ability can you try, if willing, for giggle sake, try a simple dual round wire builds as low as you can go? Maybe ohms down to 0.5 and if possible down to 0.25.

I betcha the queens cookie would taste very good with a 0.25 ohm round wire build with the airflow as tight as possible.


I did a double coil build on this POS RDA came out to a .3 ohm and reduced the airflow down to one hole on each side and vaped between 20 and 50 Watts and there was a big difference in taste, could actually get a hint of SB and the cookie using the Queens Cookie Jar mix. I guess I need to upgrade my equipment!
Any good recommendations?
I very much appreciate your help!


I would watch some YouTube videos. I knew that mix was good. The reason why I suspected the wrong build was because I watched matt’s video on suck my mod.

As for rda’s I primarily use a goon v1. You can get clones these days of that one.

I think the warrior rda from wotofo reminds me a lot of the goon. This one just came out and is about $30. Lots of people love the drop. Same price range but would only recommend that one if you use Clapton wire or better.