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I’m trying to list my flavors. Is there any way to see my list of flavors?
Is there any way to upload a list of flavors I have.
The only way I have found to add my flavors is to go to “Flavor List”, find them and click “Add to Stash”.
Can I see my list somehow so I can tell which flavors I’ve already added and which I have missed?

I tried to make a recipe for the first time. But I have a message that there is something wrong with my PG/VG ratios? I’m going to try again. I’ll look at a similar recipe and try to duplicate the process. xo

Click “User” then click “My flavor stash:smile: There you can more easily add flavorings to your stash!

The print-icon on that has another kind of list that is perhaps better to scan through. Myself, I use “Search by flavor” to get an overview of what I have :smiley:

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I see “Users” that brings up a list of members on the site, but I do not see “User” anywhere.

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On the top right of the page it says “my page”, click on that and then you see user at the top right, you can go to my flavour stash from there.

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That’s what I did when I got the something wrong with PG/VG ratio message. It just takes a little practice. You’ll be a pro before you know :smile:

If I had to guess, I’d say that the PG/VG ratio problem is typically because you have your desired VG and/or strength set higher than your base and flavors allow.


This message shows when you have entered a desired PG/VG-ratio that isn’t possible. Usually because of too much flavoring (which is counted as PG per default). When that occurs, I usually just check off “Max VG” - otherwise you’ll have to increase your desired PG-percentage until the message disappears.

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Yup, that’s what I did and it looked better. I’ll check it tomorrow and see what’s up. Also Found my flavor list. Why the heck didn’t I see that before. Must be blind. Thanks.

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