Uugh I’m having a hard time getting a build in my HADALAY clone help plz

Hi vape family!!
Got my HAdalay clone and I can’t keep both leads in :weary::joy:… been using premade ones as I don’t have the skillls to make a beefier coil yet. Question: should I just make my own and settle for a less fancy coil? Or any other help is much appreciated! God speed all…:))

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Just to confirm, is it the original hadaly or the Entheon?

The sky sumthn clone… sorry I threw away pkg.

Not sure what Etheon is so I’m gonna say it’s not that lol

But seriously this thing got me madder than a meth head w no lighter :rage::rage: … maybe you want it?

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ShenRay clone.

Lol. I haven’t done a full review but psyclone mods updated the Harley and called it the Entheon.

As for the Entheon (authentic) I have a ss316l 24g 3mm 7 wrap (or 6 wrap can’t remember). It’s a hot vape for sure. Flavor is pretty good.

As for building on the original Hadaly mike vapes On YouTube has a very recent video on it. It may be worth a look.

Sadly I don’t have the original hadaly.

Can you explain with more detail what the problem is? Also, more detail about the build? Coil size, how many wraps and inner diameter?

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A picture’s worth a thousand words


YouTube… videos have helped me so much with various builds / wicking techniques…

If this is the same deck as yours, I would tighten one side down and then the other.
If your coil legs are too wide apart your gonna have problems, slightly too wide and you should be able to adjust it but you will probably get a bowed coil.

Some of the best coils I’ve used have been premade, buying clapton, alien, staple fused etc saves time and stress of making your own versions and imo worth it.

Saying that, sometimes a simple round 6 wrap is all that’s needed and will work just as well.

The Hadaly is a small deck so a build can be too big, right now I am running a 5 wrap 2.5 mm clapton, it is coming at .14 ohms. Because of the size of the deck and the tight quarters that is about as big as I go normally. Aliens about that size would also fit. the diameter plays a big role in if they will fit or not, a 3 mm for example can be too big depending on the type of build.

@ImNachogrl, Don’t throw it away, I also bought the same one a month or so ago, and I really like the flavor I get from it. It has a fairly restricted airflow and doesn’t blow clouds, but the flavor is quite good.

Slow down, insert one leg, tighten it up and repeat for the other.
Are you removing the screw and plate or just loosening the screw only ?

Just looosening the screws, every day time I get one in the other pops out, making me crazy! :confounded::joy:…I did switch to my own coils and while it’s easier it still isn’t an ( what should really be) an easy build for me… feels like a silly joke like the vaping gods laughing at me…
I’m doing a 3 mm coil on my nifethal 24g. 3-3 1/2 was recommended in a video I watched although they had snake aliens or some such thing. I tried my pre made coils and No effn Way!
Do you bend the leads down at all to nestle the coil in the chamber or just straight across? I’m doing just straight across … thx for the help!,

The vid I watched dude said a 3-3 1/2 was a better fit so I’ve been trying 3 mm and I had 6 turns but dropped it down to 4 or 5 because I thought that was getting in the way but grrrr… I’ll try 2 1/2 single wrap see if that helps 5 turns or 4 . I’m dying to try it but it’s challenging me and my patience haaaaa!

Ya that’s same vid I watched!! :grimacing::grimacing:

And oh my yesss I couldn’t live w/o the videos and make it very far in this journey that’s for sure!,

It helps to leave the coil on the rod when you are securing it in the posts. Get one side under and tighten the screw then the other side will be easier. I was useing a fused clapton 2x28g/38g with 3.5mm ID and 5 wraps. It fit good but was a little tight. I ended up selling my Hadaly because I prefer more open airflow.

Think I got it now. Fresh eyes and sleep always helps :weary::joy:… it’s not as secure or tight as I’d like but hopefully it’s vapable I’m dying to try it :grimacing:

I didn’t bend the leads(legs) at all. I kept the coil (spaced 26/36 kanthal clapton 3mm ID, 6 wraps) on the rod, positioned it where I wanted it, eyeball cut the legs, then clamp one leg at a time.

If the leg is falling out, it’s obvious you are not tightening each screw tight enough to keep it in place. Use a little more elbow grease and tighten the sucker down (without stripping the screw!!). Jiggle it to make sure it is secure, then move to the next leg.

Good Luck !