Uwell Crown Coil Keeps Getting Loose

As the title says… The .25 coils keep coming undone, as in I open the tank and the coil isn’t screwed into the base anymore. I’ve had this tank for literally since release and it was my first sub ohm, I now own many but this is still my favorite tank.

Not sure what the reason is…

@Roy5 Roy Machining threads onto metal requires microscopic quality control. Either your atomizer base threads are stripped/cross threaded or more likely the coil threads are slightly off in manufacture. Try another coil. The whole package was likely manufactured in succession and they could all be QC fails. Better test try an OLD coil and feel for the thread tension (wiggle a little?) while installing before you get to the rubber o-ring

Ah!! Makes a lot of sense. Wish I would’ve thought of that… Thank you so much for the response!

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