Uwell crown ni200 stock coils dry hits :(

Hey all,

Was vaping with the Uwell Crown stock Ni200 coils in temp control on my Smok Alien and I am getting dry hits even at 200 C (395 F). I have all the settings right i.e. it is in temp control mode and set to Ni. I have a ramp up power of 40w.

Anyone else found their Ni200 coils produce terrible dry hits?

Can anyone recommend a temperature setting that could perhaps alleviate my issue?

What pg/vg ratio are you using in your juice? I’ve heard of people poking small holes in the wicking ports of those coils to help them absorb a bit better and faster.

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What is the TCR set to? Ni200 should be at 0.0062

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I had it at 0.00600, I’ll change it to 0.0062. Thanks.

Cheers, yeah I will try that. I’m currently vaping 60vg/40pg. Will put a few small holes in with a pin.

I am hearing from a few people that the Smok Alien is shit-house at temp control and not worth using it in this mode. Is this the general consensus? What are some of the better temp control mods, I’m willing to spend?

I have a few mods with the yihi chips and the tc is great - ipv if you can see past the battery door popping open every so often. Yihi sx mini g class if you have the coin for a maybach (totally worth in imho).

I find the smok alien ok but I think the issue is that it is good in some bad in others.

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Photos of the ni200 uwell coil I just pulled out, 4 days use. What the!

I’ve had the Crown for about 2 years now. When I first purchased it, I went through 5 coils in the first week and passed the tank off as rubbish and let it sit for a few months doing nothing. I eventually decided to research online and a lot of people are reporting trouble with the temperature control coils and the 0.5 coils.

I went and purchased the 0.25 coils and one word - wow. The 0.25 coils seem to be the best for this tank - no dry or flavourless hits. I have the TFV8 and it’s good but nowhere near as good as the Crown with 0.25 coils. The only issue is when it comes to high (80+) VG or heavily sugared liquids, it seems to struggle on those but other than that it’s amazing.

TL;DR: get the 0.25 coils and avoid v.high VG/heavily sugared juices

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Awesome, thanks!

What mod are you vaping on and what wattage range are you vaping the 0.25 coils at? Are you adding pin holes to the wicking?