Uwell crown original rba

does anyone know if the original crown has a dual coil rba available ??? or is it single , im sure its single but i read somewhere that someone had a dual clapton build so thats what peaked my interest but i could not find one

I am fairly sure they dont make one but you could build small parallel claptons but they would have to be quite small

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Or he could build a bit smaller dual vertical coils.
Problem is that deck is so cramped that it doesn’t allow much at all.

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See now you made me go and try it lol

4 wraps Parallel (so 8 wraps) 3mm id 30 ss316l wrapped in 40 ss316l

is a tight fit and a bit messy ohms out at .41 and it was a fiddly thing to do


I think they have a dual RBA for it. I think I had one. I will go look later and see if I still have it or if it was stolen along with everything else. I keep finding little bits and pieces the thieves shoved around and lost.

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That’s incredible. The RBA is the size of a dime. I would go nuts trying to do that.


im finally getting use to rda and rta now that i found a cotton i like and all that and would like to stop buying coils for my two fave tanks the crown and clieto

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