Uwell Crown vs. Smok TFV4

I’m looking to purchase another tank and these seem to be the final contenders. What are you’re thoughts? If there are any other tank recommendations feel free to mention them.

Both are designed to be put on high power devices - especially the TFV4 - the standard coil heads are best at around 100W :wink: I think the crown heads are good around 60 W (I don’t have a Crown), unless it’s the Ni200-heads.

Both are top of the line tanks - I do believe the general consensus around here is that the TFV4 is a smidgen better than the Crown. Do get the full kit though, that one comes with a single coil RBA-head!


I use both and the tfv4 is a different vape experience with the afc drip tip and quad coils but the crown is a stong and I mean strong contender especially if you use the rba heads on both…

Well sounds like they are equally great! Considering the fact that I only one a 60w mod I will probably go with the crown but I am still torn between them since you mentioned the TFV4 comes with an rba! It also has a quad coil as well. The hinge on the TFV4 is questionable though. Ugh decisions.

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60W is not enough for the TFV4 coils (for a satisfactory vape) - so you’d have to use the RBA for best results.


I use the vape band @ work it comes w 2

Nice! In that case I see a bigger mod in my future :wink:

I don’t have any experience with the Crown tank but I’ve been using the SMOK TFV4 for 2 weeks, mostly with the 0.2 ohm TF-T3 triple coil head which is rated 40-130 watts. I vape around 75 watts with the triple coil head which is comfortable for me, anything over 80 watts and the tank body starts to get noticeably hot. It’s a good tank, certainly it’s well built, but here’s the thing, in a side by side comparison with a $10 Velocity clone, I prefer the flavour I get from the Velocity.