Uwell Rafale X Neutral Post RDA

What do you all think about this rda.

I’m honestly thinking about buying this is my first ever rda.

I like the concept of being able to run a dual coil…each coil 0.25 ohm and giving me a result of 0.5ohm because of the neutral post.

I would run this off a Ipv d2 75 tc mod. I would prefer to use the standard sstl 316L (error on term there). Is that even possible?

I honestly would not recommend that you buy this rda. Its not a first rda device. Get a Vaperz Cloud Nuevo or a Vapor Shark Vortice. There really nice and well built rda’s that are easy to build on and great to cut your virgin teeth on.

Welp. I got my uwell rda in last week. Played with it for a day building last week.

I’m happy to report. It’s pretty easy to build on. Tons of space, Atleast for me. Pretty good flavor. Rocking a dual Clapton build at 0.4ohm

All in all its more of a successful venture than my aromamizer supreme and has become my afternoon vape treat.

I’m not sure what the fuss is about people saying it shouldn’t be used by a novice. Granted. I did 30 hours of reading and watching videos on coil building/wicking/safety ect. But hmmm I am still scratching my head on all the videos recommending for a pro builds only when this is my first rda ever.

Granted, a pro build, with 4 coils just means more math and understanding. Maybe slightly better understanding of picking the right gauge wires to build with would have helped.

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Most people don’t study for 30 hours to learn their first rda…most people are fucking idiots. (Am I supposed to add “IMO”?)

EDIT: ya did good, Chris…:slight_smile: